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What do you think affects employee motivation?

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
In this week's Application Developer Management e-newsletter, Scott Withrow explores employee motivational theory. How do you motivate your employees to boost performance? Have you utilized motivational theory research to gain insights? Let us know which motivational techniques work for you.

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Office Politics: The Great Unmotivator

by blarthomore In reply to What do you think affects ...

The political atomosphere of the workplace has a significant
impact on motivation. There are far too many cases of
managers making decisions out of political expedience
rather than good team management. While it is not
possilbe to completely eliminate politics from the workplace
it is possible to minimize the negative aspects of political
exchanges. Social conflict is not generally tolerated in the
workplace so how come political conflict is?

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Motivation comes from within

by bsnsimo In reply to What do you think affects ...

Each person has their own motivations and these are not knowable by others. Therefore, managers cannot actually "motivate" people but can demotivate them, turn them off by acting in violation of normal human values such as honesty, integrity, forthrighness, fairness, humility, trust, industriousness, etc, etc. Maximizing motivation has a lot of pieces to it, but has an easy to execute script.

The most important management or leadership skill needed to create highly motivated employees is listening, a tool which makes employees into team members and generates their commitment to the work. Read the article Listening, a tool for leadership and commitment at This article is excerpted from a book about the leadership skills which can turn ordinary employees into highly motivated, highly committed superstars who love to come to work.

Best regards, Ben Simonton

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