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What do you think are the differences between Android phone and iPhone?

By abhigyandms ·
What are the differences between Android phone and iPhone? How many of you use Android phones and how many of you use iPhone? If you use use both, do you find any differences?

Why people are crazy about smart phones? Will it not be possible to use a feature phone? or its outdated now-a-days to use feature phones? What does a smart phone provides that a simple feature phone can't?

As we all know everyone have their own ideas regarding it. You can give your ideas based on your experience. Everyone's opinion is is important because everyone is different and their experiences are also not the same.

So, in this way we can get perspectives of different people on this topic.
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1+ for iphone

by RSHark In reply to What do you think are the ...

I like iphone for simplicity, less tinkering, better security/privacy, and consistency.

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Difference between iPhone and android

by vipul rajput In reply to What do you think are the ...

The main difference between apple and android is that the iPhone uses an apple operating system and android uses the android operating system.

Iphones are more secure than android and used mainly used by professionals.

Apps on the iPhone are downloaded from the Apple store only not from any external source. In android, you can download apps from any source.

iPhones are generally faster than android phones. But the android phone s are cheaper than iPhones.

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What do you think are the differences between Android phone and iPhone?

by Smith987 In reply to What do you think are the ...

There are various differences between Android phones and iPhone. One who uses both can relate it easily.
The home screen on iOS is not as customizable as the one on Android, Apple store is better organized than Play store, media files can not be transferred in iPhones easily, etc.

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Choosing a phone

by DariaT In reply to What do you think are the ...

I used Android for several years and was satisfied with it very much. But when my husband bought me iPhone I understand the difference. Now I use iPhone and Mac and its extremely convenient when my both devices are connected. And I have access to files from both.

I don't like that I can't download music for free now. Android is better in this terms.

Using feature phones nowadays I think can't be possible. We all use our phones not just to call but for performing various tasks as well. I use it for work, entertainment and so on. Phone nowadays is an important part of our life

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What do you think are the differences between Android phone and iPhone?

by techaffinityconsul In reply to What do you think are the ...

Android phones are easy to use. The interface of android is user friendly. On the other hand Iphone has better software technology. Both phones have their own advantages and disadvantages but android phones has an edge. Their software and interface has approved by millions of people.
I will go with Android phones.

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android phone vs iphone

by deborasumopayroll In reply to What do you think are the ...

1. iPhone apps do not crash as often as their Android counterparts
For as long as I have used the iPhone SE, no app on it has crashed. Although the Nexus 6 I had before was a capable smartphone for its time, I have had so many issues with apps crashing on it that I felt it was normal. A positive difference is that apps are not crashing on the iPhone as often as on Android. However, there are times when some of them can lag for a second or two before responding to my taps.
2. The home screen on iOS is not as customizable as the one on Android
Coming from the Android ecosystem, I was used to being able to customize everything. The first big difference is the fact that the home screen on the iPhone is a lot more limited in personalization options than the one on Android.
3. Some apps from the App Store are better than their Android counterparts
Apple is known for its high standards regarding the apps that make it through its App Store. That means that developers must create apps that pass specific usability and quality criteria that are established by Apple. As a direct consequence, some third-party apps are more polished than what you find in the Play Store for Android.
4. There are more paid apps for iPhones than for Android, but there are also fewer ads
Although the essential apps everyone uses are free on both platforms, when you get out of this bubble, you find that more apps in the App Store are paid, compared to Android. That is probably because Apple's audience is considered to be more willing to spend money on apps than Google's audience. However, that also means that the apps for iOS are usually less filled with ads. On my iPhone, I had to adjust to paying some money for a few of the apps I was used to getting for free on Android.
5. The default iPhone apps that come with iOS are less advanced than the Google apps found on Android
I do not like some of the default apps that come with the iPhone. Safari, Apple Maps, Photos, and Mail, for instance, are not as good as Google Chrome, Google Maps, Google Photos, or Gmail. The default apps that Google offers on Android tend to be more advanced. This impression probably depends on how much you are entrenched in Apple's or Google's ecosystem, and I have to admit that I still am a heavy user of Google's services.

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