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What do you think of our new look?

By Mark W. Kaelin Editor ·
TechRepublic has a new front door! We redesigned the page to show you more articles, tools and resources and improve the organization of the information. What do you think? Share your feedback in this discussion.

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The jury is still out

by GuruOfDos In reply to What do you think of our ...

I would imagine that cosmetics are the least of peoples worries. The functionality of the site still needs to be addressed.

Extra spaces in URLS, broken or missing links, unable to access discussions, to name but a few problems the members constantly point out. What happened to members photos?

I'm sick of getting emails for Q&A posts to say "Your Answer Has Been Rated!" only to click the link and get a message stating "The requested thread has been withdrawn". Searching the Q&A manually the threads are most definitely still there, along with the answers.

Please, please, PLEASE make the site navigate correctly. Most of us couldn't give two hoots what it LOOKS like!!!

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by Oz_Media In reply to The jury is still out

But didn't I used to be cute?
I think it was my pre-millennium short-hair phase.

I noticed the page is harder to navigate and the Discussions and Technical Q&A links haven't been moved, users could never find the right place before, wonder what'll happen now.

I would be really curious to see how the visit length per NEW visitor drops due to navigation diiculty or how the number of new page views also drops. Sorry, that should be IF it drops.

As I said in my other response, it looks like some one with great technical knowledge has designed the layout, it is NOT user friendly though and doesn't encourage a non pc-savvy user to explore, it just looks confusing and technical, like a big whitepaper.

Personal FIRST impression is that it is far worse than before as far as simplicity in design, ease of navigation and content layout, which were the main probalems with the last page.

Oh well, it's not for MY clients.

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Requested Thread Withdrawn

by CptOmlly In reply to The jury is still out

I emailed TechRepublic regarding the very issue you describe: Click the link and get "Requested Thread has been withdrawn". They informed me that you must have TechRepublic open (and be logged in) to avoid this error. They suggested circumventing the issue by clicking the link a second time after the erroneous page loads, which has worked well for me. Why this known issue hasn't been corrected does peeve me a bit. I'm not sure what my $9.95 a month pays for, but apparently its not code updates.

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First impressions

by Oz_Media In reply to What do you think of our ...

Well it looks harder to navigate and much busier than the old home page.

Discussions link, once found, is still above the Technical Q&A link, thus ignoring he constant badgering of TR members to change the links.

The ld home page was MUCH easier to navigate yet still too complicated for most new users. I think this is a backstep instead of an improvement, BUT...the page is new and change from the familiar takes time. This is just my first impression as someone who has 'fixed' a LOT of ineffective websites.

It looks like someone with extremely high technical knowledge and no end user knowledge has built it. No offense, but it looks like a white paper as opposed to a user friendly homepage.

Only time will tell.

PS. Didn't I look cute with short hair? Those were the days. I guess you don't need to mention I have no idea how to perform Microsoft Support, I'm an MCNE not an MCSE. I wonder how I responded to the quote stated by my name, uuuuhhhhh, buy NOVELL!!?

Change s always welcome though so lets see how it works? I'd be interested in comparing your # of unique page views and visit length per visitor with your old stats.

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What makes it difficult to navigate?

by sMoRTy71 In reply to First impressions

First of all, thanks for taking the time to provide feedback.

Second, what specifically makes the new design difficult to navigate? I'd be interested to hear more specific examples on that.

Thanks again,

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What makes it difficult?

by JimNtz In reply to What makes it difficult t ...

Easy... Just looking at the page, all you see is links and WORDS... too many words... the amount of text on the page is overwhelming. There's no quick way to find out what's where on the page. There's just one huge mass of text and letters.

Once you actually spend a few minutes looking at the page, you can see what's where. But I wonder how many people are actually going to take the time. It's not readily apparent, so I'd just click on.

This was the exact same problem that made the old ZDNet pages so unviewable... too much text all jumbled together.

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Well lets see

by Oz_Media In reply to What makes it difficult t ...

From memory, as I don't have the page open right now. There is no easy navigation bar or central navigation of the site. The links are text wchich is fine, but you have multiple sized fonts on a single page, marketing booboo, you also have almost everuthing in a blus text link style. What's a link and what's information or a caption?

Your last start page had a left pane with a beige colored background with you page links easily and clearly defined within it. THis one, even knowing what link I was looking for, had me wondering what was a navigation link, what was a link to an article and how to enter you main sections without opening a specific Discussion link etc.

Too jumbled, bad font sizing, and undefined menu bar creates a messy and hard to navigate home page.

I would recommend a cell based layout that appears to look like a frame layout. It is browser friendly but still has the appearance of older (easier to navigate sites).

I've had the same problem when clients want too much information on a home page.

The Homw or Welcome page should be inviting, links should be easily found and branches should be kept simple. Once I've found the MAIN Discussions page I would then expect to see links to articles, headlines for discussions etc. but not on a home page, it scares visitors away.

Just my 2 cents, and I'm Canadian so in the US 2 Canadian cents are pretty much worthless.

I certainly don't want to offed anyone, it seems like you have been building the site for some time now, it just appears to be hodgepodged together and all crammed into the home page, which I will avoid from now on and just bookmark Discussions and Technical Q&A.

Can I say it looks amateur without offending you? I certainly don't mean to detract from anyone's hard work, I just think it is ineffective and your last home page was better even though it needed improvement.

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Don't worry about offending

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Well lets see

Don't worry about offending anyone with your comments. This is the type of candid feedback that we like to hear.


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So don't be offended when...

by GuruOfDos In reply to Don't worry about offendi ...

We tell you the redesign was a waste of time and money. The site was 'erratic' in operation at best before the change and now it is much much worse. It is too cramped, too crowded and very hard to navigate without a lot of scrolling.

Spare a thought for us people without the latest hardware. We don't all have scrolly-rolly mice and hi-res 19" TFT screens. Spare a thought for the users with 14" VGA and a basic two button mouse.

Web sites should also be keyboard friendly, that is to say, navigable by using the tab key....TR? Forget it!

And as for Netscape, Opera and Mozilla browser compatibility...I won't even go there!!

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The page you've requested cannot be found.

by wordworker In reply to Well lets see

Is this new or maybe it's just my machine - but I can no longer get to profiles when clicking on the member's alias-link. I get "The page you've requested cannot be found."

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