What do you think, scam?

I just received this email. It is outside of the area I normally do business. The spelling is terrible and the wording makes me think something is not right. What do you think?

"Hello Their
Am Cindy by name,I live in OHIOand right now i work in Tennese, I
read your description and am interested in your services, I just
brought some computers from New Baltmore and they are D510 Dell
laptops. I want you to Installation of Laptops and Servers, clean
inner and outercomputer components,Upgrade troubleshoot, Remove
Viruses, Pop-ups, Spyware,Hardware installation, Windows installation
and update software to current status,Get back to me with your total
cost for the services of eight Dell Laptops excluding the shipping
cost cus i have a shipper that will come with the computers and the
necessary Softwares to you. I await your Swift response so that i can
put the arrangement in order.I need certified experience person With a
commitment to making computing simple and a belief in personal.

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Sounds shady to me

by wanttocancel In reply to What do you think, scam?

All the typos scream scam. Yes, there are people out there that don't have even a basic understanding of writing English but this is too much.

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You Cynical SOD it's perfectly obvious that Cindi

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Sounds shady to me

Is one of the Gen Y er who didn't buther to woory about even thre most basic things in life like breathing.

Shee is obviously one of the Text Generation where close enough is perfectly acceptiably cus peuple understand exactly what he means here.

But the question here is not weathur Cindy is legit or not but why did you get thus E-Mail asking for a Guesstimate. Lets see as Sindi is defiantly one of the Gen Y s-h-it has 1 install Disc and wants thee computers reloaded with Pirate suftware and will sent Gino around to make sure that you pay her for the privilege of stealing from M$ most likely working on stolen computers and over all doing what is considered as Illegal Things.

Personally I would have sent that straight to the Trash and not given it a second thought. :)

Oh and most likely Gino will want to pay for ll of this with a Credit Card which is stolen too and you get to pay the bank for the privilage of thinking about this.


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I advertise on a few local forums.

by DHCDBD In reply to You Cynical SOD it's perf ...

But not 1200 miles away.

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That was hard

by mamies In reply to You Cynical SOD it's perf ...

I am only the age of 20 and I would be classed as being in the age range of these people who can not be bothered to write correctly.

That made me laugh on the difficulty to read. The people that spell like this all of the time must be a kind of talented bunch just to make sense of what they write in such a fast manner.

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You have no idea just how hard it was to type that in

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to That was hard

Mind you if I had of tried to spell correctly the Typo's would have been enough.

With some of the messages that I get I wonder what Language the people speak these days. I recently gave a friend of the Wifes Son a quote to fix her mothers computer and the reply for the go ahead was as follows:-

I wish that it was as easy to Upgrade a Man.

That was the entire approval for the job and even then it was sent to the son so 5 days latter when they asked was it ready yet I wondered what they where on about. To me that isn't a Go Ahead for work but as I didn't even receive it now was told about it I didn't have a clue what they where on about. :^0

It of course perfectly identified which one of the 3 quotes I gave them and what they wanted done. :0


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Too funny, Col. nt

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to You Cynical SOD it's perf ...
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LOL -- they are doing installs on them

by w2ktechman In reply to What do you think, scam?

however you need to remove popups, viruses, spyware, etc...
Hmmm -- Is the Shipper HOT?
and with the other typos, are we sure it's not Stripper??

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Was there any

by Jacky Howe In reply to What do you think, scam?

contact information supplied. If there was a phone number you could check it out. It doesn't look right to me, more like someone trying to have a lend of you.

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gmail address only.

by DHCDBD In reply to Was there any

Actually sounds like the units are hot or... or an attempt to harvest email addresses.

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:0 Hot units....

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to gmail address only.

erm... never mind.

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