What do you use for remote support for remote Windows and or 'nix boxes?

By Bapster ·
LogMein(Rescue)or other LMI s/w,
VNC, Dameware, Remote Desktop,
Remote Web Workplace (for Windows
SBS Server environments?

I just wanted to get feeling for what the most used/popular remote support s/w tool currently being implemented in the IT support arena.

Also, how do most IT shops/techs bill for remote calls; per incident, annual contract or hourly?


Have a great day!

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Real VNC

by oldbaritone In reply to What do you use for remot ...

Sometimes I use it behind SSH.

Billing depends on customer - good large volume customer gets some freebie remotes, as long as it's not a habit. "Who's that?"-type customers T&M at regular rate.

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UltraVNC or OpenVPN ALS (Adito)

by robo_dev In reply to Real VNC

Since I can run a VNC client on my iPhone, UltraVNC works very well.

Adito OpenVPN has plug-ins for Remote Desktop, SSH, and UltraVNC, and it's a client-less SSL VPN.

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remote as in

by Kenone In reply to What do you use for remot ...

Outside the LAN or remote as in another building, state, county?
Inside the the LAN I use VNC (Ultra VNC actually)Outside usually Team Viewer

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Outside of LAN

by Bapster In reply to remote as in

I was speaking mostly outside of the LAN...for my private, moonlighting business. At my corporate, fulltime gig, we use Dameware within our lan, and across all our subnets/intranet/extranet, etc.

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I agree with the other posts VNS over ssh, or teamviewer / logmein even cro

by markp24 In reply to What do you use for remot ...

Hi I agree with the other posts VNS over ssh, or teamviewer / logmein even cro

Team viewer works in Linux , its currently a beta but does work. If you can I would recommend ssh to the system then vnc

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Re: Remote Support

When I was working solely for myself, I always used TeamViewer. It has a very small footprint, is free for personal use, and is priced considerably lower than other tools for business use. What's best is the client does not have to install anything, they simply run a stand alone executable that I can publish on my website. For remote servers, I simply install the small executable, and can get in any time I need.

I like working with TeamViewer so much that I suggested it where I work now that I am splitting my time between my own stuff and a corp. gig. I showed the benefits of TeamViewer over the current remote support tool to the Helpdesk Mgr. and he quickly bought in. Saved him a heap of money, and made me a hero to the HD folks. I'd recommend it to anyone.

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Cool, I am going to try TeamViewer. GoToMyPC works well, too.

by robo_dev In reply to Re: Remote Support

So far GoToMyPC is my favorite from a security and speed standpoint, since they support SecurID very well, and it's very fast. But it's not cheap.

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You should check out Bomgar as well

by lrichardson In reply to Cool, I am going to try T ...

Just ran across this. I work for Bomgar which sells an outstanding remote support product, so I wanted to throw that in the mix. Definitely function rich and as secure as they come. Costs a little more upfront, but it's a one-time purchase, so in the long run, it pays off. You can get a free trial or demo at

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