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What do you use for your IT Audits?

By TomSal ·
Well I have no current auditing software and I need to get a handle on all our technology assets as follows:

Network Gear (Switches/Firewall/Routers)
Desktop PCs

And all the related software on each of those units, as applicable.

Are there any *extremely* cheap or free IT audit programs for speeding up the collection of this information through my LAN?

Right now I'm being denied any money to purchase next to anything so I know they are tight on budget, but without audit software I'll have to do the manual station to station grab for information and then transfer it to an excel spreadsheet. I'd prefer to pluck my eyes out with a spoon -- that's how much I'm looking forward to the time that task will take.

Any help is more than appreciated.


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Not the first one to ask this lately...

by LiamE In reply to What do you use for your ...

There's been a few of us asking similar questions just lately.

Have a test download of this...

Is the best I've found - and it available in 30/90 days project licences to make the cost resonable.

Someone suggested but I havnt tried that one yet.

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Bah - double post

by LiamE In reply to What do you use for your ...
Collapse - Online Network Inventory Mgmt. System

by techrepublic In reply to What do you use for your ...

Check out

It includes an online system scanner and allows you to inventory/track your equipment right away.

Our service is hosted, so you avoid the hardware/database and initial start up cost.

Our licensing model is very competitive.
I hope this sounds interesting,

Jim Davis
<How do you document your network?>

Network Inventory & Configuration Management

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by TomSal In reply to Online Network ...

I appreciate the info on your product. I checked it out, looks pretty good. I think your company needs to work on the presentation though -- the webpage looks thrown together and generic. Some folks are into professional looking products/websites before they'll give serious consideration on a purchase.

For me and in my situation, your product's monthly recurring charge prevents me from signing on. I only want to build an initial inventory database for all our gear and then only do updates to the database on a quarterly basis (or as-needed whichever comes first -- around here quarterly would often come first). To pay a monthly recurring would be too expensive for our needs. At $69 per month that's over $800 per year, for 1/3rd that price I can buy (and own "forever") an audit product with an unlimited license.

However I appreciate your help.



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Thanks for the feedback

by techrepublic In reply to Thanks


I appreciate your honest feedback. This is very valuable and I've already passed it on.

As far as pricing goes, I wouldn't be in software sales if pricing would not be negotiable ;-) please contact me off discussion board @

Jim Davis
<How do you document your network?>

Network Inventory & Configuration Management

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