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    What do you use to import Students into Active Directory?


    by james.peluso ·


    I’m a green network administrator for a school district. I have the joy of doing my first year of year end processing and updating for next year. I have a student Information System database with all my students information in it. I need to get the data into active directory so that I don’t have to manually enter in 1000 student names for the new 6th grade class. Does anyone have a free solution out there that does this sort of work? I’ve been searching google, MS, and TR forum’s but can’t find a peep about this. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated!



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      by james.peluso ·

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      Try this out for your Student apps…..

      by Anonymous ·

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      User Management Resource Administrator

      Common Network Admin Problems and Solutions

      IT Administrators are confronted with multiple network and Active Directory challenges on an almost daily basis. When faced with these problems, they generally turn to writing and developing scripts, which can be costly to develop and almost impossible to maintain when the programmer leaves the organization. Below are several problems that IT admins commonly face, User Management Resource Administrator, its modules, and Tools4ever?s completely customizable solutions are the one and only toolset available that provides a comprehensive solution to each of these issues and many many more.

      Problem: The school year is starting; you have hundreds of new students to add to Active Directory, you also need to connect your Student Information System to your Active Directory system.

      Solution: User Management Resource Administrator AUTOMATION ? Automation enables you to quickly and easily add all of your new students into Active Directory and connect almost any SIS to Active Directory or any other Directory System: Novell, UNIX, Linux, etc. You can run updates on a regularly scheduled basis, adding new students as they move into your district.

      Problem: Your company just merged with another company and now you need to merge your end-users into one network system. Company A?s users are in a CSV text file and Company B?s users are housed in Active Directory. You want to be able to create all resources for Company A?s users while creating user accounts in, e-mail accounts, random passwords, etc.

      Solution: User Management Resource Administrator MASS ? with MASS and any type of CSV or database file you can easily import hundreds or thousands of users into Active Directory and create all of their network resources in a single process. All of this will be done to your company?s user creation policies and standards.

      Problem: Your company is growing at an increasing speed; you are rapidly hiring new employees and are having trouble keeping data straight amongst multiple systems: HR, Active Directory, Exchange, Payroll, etc. It is becoming more than one network administrator can handle on top of other day to day functions and duties.

      Solution: User Management Resource Administrator Forms & Delegation ? With Forms & Delegation network administrators are able to delegate basic Active Directory tasks to the helpdesk and other non-admins. The tasks that can be delegated range from simple password resets to deleting and creating new user accounts and all of their related resources.

      Problem: Your company stores data in multiple databases/information systems. All or some of this data needs to be entered into Active Directory from the multiple Information Systems storing the data. When a change is made in one system it can take days or weeks before it is updated in Active Directory or vice versa.

      Solution: User Management Resource Administrator AUTOMATION ? with Automation you will be able to quickly and efficiently connect multiple information systems together using one-way synchronization or two-way synchronization. One-way synchronization allows information updated in the HR system to be updated on a regularly scheduled basis in Active Directory. With two-way synchronization, UMRA allows changes made in Active Directory to be reflected in your HR system. The effectively eliminates duplicate data entry in multiple systems and across departments.

      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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      This is how I do it

      by rob miners ·

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      I didn’t have this information to start with but I worked through Guy Thomas’s instructions and this is the end result. You are going to have to get familiar with VB Scripting.

      Adding Single or Bulk Users by using a Batch File.
      Create a Text file and name it Yes.txt
      Type in y and save both files to the root directory of the Server.
      Create a Batch file and name it MKUser.bat

      Copy and Paste between ======== to the new file modifying the contents to reflect your setup.


      net user %1 %2 /add /fullname:”%3 %4″ /comment:”User” /homedir:%LOGONSERVER%\%1$ /profilepath:%LOGONSERVER%\Profiles$\%1 /scriptpath:Logon.bat

      net group “Staff” %1 /add /Domain

      md %LOGONSERVER%\profiles$\%1

      xcacls %LOGONSERVER%\profiles$\%1 /T /G “Administrators”:F %1:F

      If you want a cheat sheet PM me.

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