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    What documentation to keep


    by jrmussell ·

    As you acquire new desktop computers what methods do you use to retain special software licensing and hardware documentation. Also when you purchase software licenses do you retain PO, Packing Slip, and/or Receipt?

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      I keep

      by master3bs ·

      In reply to What documentation to keep

      For hardware; I keep the detailed invoice & PO in a filing cabinet and document the serial numbers in a spreadsheet.

      For software; I also keep the detailed invoice & PO along with any liscense number in a filing cabinet.

      Out of curiosity; why the question?

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        by jrmussell ·

        In reply to I keep

        One of our sister companies is being audited on software licensing and I get to hear all the things that they ask for. I was surprised when they asked for not a software license but the original PO and invoice.

        I’m relatively new to the IT field and trying to ensure that I maintain every possible thing I need to incase one day I get audited. Do you recommend doing volume licensing on Windows XP Pro and buying PCs without an OS and load everything with RIS and group policy?

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      I Keep Everything

      by gnx ·

      In reply to What documentation to keep

      I keep everything that comes with the PC. Every PC and printer I have has an envelope with all of the licenses, CDs and other stuff that came with it. I put the serial number, model number and date on the envelope for easy retreival. I started this because we were very unorganized at the top. SOX put an end to that. Just to be safe keep everything.

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