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What does 22 continuous beeping mean on IBM ThinkCentre?

By D.Luc ·
I have a IBM ThinkCentre 8189 running Windows XP (old I know). I just replaced the graphics card because while using the old one kept giving me a gray flickering screen.(I tested the monitor on another tower and it didn't have any problems.) Now when I start it up, the following happens in this order.
-Manufacturer Screen displays
-Windows OP loading screen comes on
-Screen Stays blank while the windows welcome sounds plays
- 22 continuous short beeps followed by a long break in the beeps then it proceeds to start over
-screen is still blank so can't see error message is there is any.
Any ideas as to what it could be?

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Well it's not a BIOS Error Code

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What does 22 continuous b ...

If it was BIOS related you would get the Sound before or as the Makers Logo Screen Started.

So the obvious what type of Video card did you use to replace the old one?

Does it have a space for a Power Connector on it?

If it has a Power Connector on it is it plugged in or does the PS in the unit have enough power to run the system?

Have you attempted to start the system in Safe Mode?

If you have is there any difference?

If you refit the old Video Card does the system work?

If it does it sounds as if the replacement Video Card is incompatible with the M'Board so what was the new Video Card?


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Reponse To Answer

by D.Luc In reply to Well it's not a BIOS Erro ...

I started the system up in VGA mode and realized the beeping was due to another issue that I solved. (Thanks for reminding me about safe mode as well) I've installed the driver for the graphics card and the screen still comes up blank whenever I start it up normally but not when I start it in safe mode or when I enable VGA mode. Also from the look of things, it doesn't have a power connector on the card itself. How can I tell if the PS has enough power to run the system? And do you have anymore suggestions? I really do appreciate the help Col

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you may have a card loose

by markp24 In reply to What does 22 continuous b ...

Try reseating the ram, video car, any other cards that my be in the system

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Reponse To Answer

by D.Luc In reply to you may have a card loose

Hey Mark,
First thanks for replying man; I really do appreciate it. I went back and reseated the ram and other cards in the PCI slots. Now when I boot up, the power indicator light comes on and the fan comes on in a low state with the three keyboard lights (num, caps, scroll lock lights) doing continuous blinking with no boot up sequences taking place. So you have anymore suggestions I could possibly check out?

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Is this card compatible with the system at all?

by seanferd In reply to What does 22 continuous b ...

You'll have to check the card specs/requirements against your machine specs.

How to tell if it is a low power issue? PSU calculator.

Do note that most PSUs power ratings are intermittent peak demand ratings. So if you find you need 350W, and you have a 350W supply, it's probably not enough for a continuous 350W.

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I have to agree With Seanferd

by markp24 In reply to What does 22 continuous b ...

That seems like a power issue, Try a bigger power supply. see of that works. I know some stores will allow you to purchase a n item and you can return it with in 14 day , even if you opened it (as long as its not destoyed) so you can use that to do you test, if it doesnt resolve it you can return the power supply.

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