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What does HDD controller failure mean

By banshee2222 ·
I got a seagate st225 hdd i need to get the information off of it. I ahve taken the drive out of the computer it was currently in a placed it in a 386 it runs off a 8 bit controller card. when i boot up it runs through everything and then it goes into controller card configuration and then brings up an error 1706 0 hard drive and then says HDD controller failure plz can you help me out or tell me what the problem is?

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by TheChas In reply to What does HDD controller ...

Most likely, the controller circuit board on the Seagate has failed.

Your best bet to "revive" this drive is to swap the controller board from another st225 drive.

I don't remember if the controller board is connected with sockets, or if some soldering will be required on this drive.

If the connections are soldered, the work should be performed by someone with excellent soldering skills to avoid damaging the new controller card.


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by willcomp In reply to What does HDD controller ...

A Seagate ST225 does not have an on board controller. It is an MFM drive requiring an operable 8 or 16 bit controller and the drive is low level formatted using firmware built into the controller.

To run this drive in a 386, you need a 16 bit controller. As best I recall, 8 bit controllers are limited to PCs and PCXTs (original IBM or clones). Since MFM and RLL drives must be low level formatted to mate with the controller, you would lose all data when swapping controller models.

Are you sure that controller is 8 bit? Was it previously installed in an AT class (286 or 386) PC?

Post back with manufacturer and model number of controller card and maybe I can provide more help.

By the way, The Chas is usually on the money but his response applies to IDE drives with on board controllers. Not applicable to a ST225 drive.

Good luck.


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by willcomp In reply to

What is the mobo BIOS. A 1706 error normally is a disk write error but can vary with BIOSes.

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