what does PREINSTALLED Windows 7 mean?

By katiejo43 ·
my boyfriend and I bought a asus laptop from bestbuy two weeks ago. Just found out yesterday windows 7 only comes preinstalled!!! When I asked the nerd at bestbuy if it came with windows 7 he said yes... Now I am finding out I have to pay 150 to get it fully installed after I just spend so much money on this laptop...
what does it mean it's preinstalled?
what will happen if I don't fully install in sixty days?
is that right of best buy to sell me a laptop with only trial software and not tell me?
is there a cheaper solution or another option?
please help I'm a makeup artist and hair stylist... I know little about computers! I feel like bestbuy is taking advantage... And finding any reason to tax more! Obama must be running bestbuy... Lol cuz they try to find any reason to cgarge more and take your hard earned money!!!!
thanks so much
katie jo :-)

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Katie Jo

by santeewelding In reply to what does PREINSTALLED Wi ...

You need to get with it -- fast. Even if this means you need to get away from hair-styling for a good, long while.

Otherwise, STFU, and listen on the sideline.

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That's a little harsh.

by Ron K. In reply to Katie Jo

I'm an expert on harshability and you did a fine job of squelching my morning feel-good. <br>
She certainly doesn't need to get with it on my account. In fact, I'm perversely looking forward to her follow up question a couple of months from now as to why her unactivated/unregistered Windows 7 doesn't work.<br>

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listening from the sidelines....

by katiejo43 In reply to Katie Jo

Wow... I'm sorry I'm not very good with computers... I asked a question to a group of people I figured could help... I hope that when you have any questions throughout life, someone doesn't treat you this way! I don't understand why you are so rude to me or what I did to make you feel you had to be such an asshole! You must be a very miserable lonely person to pick on a 20 yr old hair stylist asking for advice! Good luck to you in life... Hope you learn to treat people better!

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Katie Jo

by santeewelding In reply to listening from the sideli ...

I am very near the other end of the age line from where you are. Good luck in life is what I wish for you -- with stern advice.

Get cracking. Learn.

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You are panicking needlessly ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to what does PREINSTALLED Wi ...

Without going into the confabulated rumour mill surrounding the advent of pre-installing the computer's operating system, what you have bought is more or less run of the mill (the other mill, not the rumour one!) and normal practice when buying a new computer.

You get the brand new machine and the operating system has been installed for you - RIGHT UP TO THE POINT where, if you were installing it yourself - the system would ask you to type in your personal details like your preferred name for your user account, password if you want one, any other user accounts you want at that initial stage, then the installation finalises with YOUR DETAILS in it.

Every Microsoft operating system requires to be validated online with the Microsoft website and, again, what you are witnessing is perfectly normal.

You need to register your computer's system with Microsoft so that they can check that the software is not a Pirated Copy, then when they issue Updates every month (or more frequently on occasions) your computer has already been verified and it smooths the process of the Updates.

As to what will happen if YOU DO NOT REGISTER with Microsoft, there are two distinct possibilities:

#1 Your computer will fail to boot and will sit more or less dormant, but insisting that you Register it.

#2 You will register it - either before the set period of time has expired and you'll register it online without any difficulty (it only takes seconds!) OR you'll have run out of grace time and will have to register your system manually by calling the Freephone Telephone Number on the computer screen for whichever corner of the world you happen to be when you make the call.

It's NOT a con on the part of the computer resellers, it's just the way things tend to happen in the 21st Century.

Without knowing the Make and Model of your new computer I can't be more detailed.

Perhaps you could let us know what those details are. :)

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It's a bit of a con

by Neon Samurai In reply to You are panicking needles ...

Charging the customer 150$ to stand beside them for five minutes while going through the initial system setup; I'd say that's a bit of a con if not highway robbery.

But, the preinstalled OS, final setup steps and registering with Microsoft are absolutely normal as you say.

(I'd just have said "confirm you have an authentic licensed Windows" versus "confirm it's not Pirated".. mostly because Piracy and simply copyright infringement are two different things regardless of what RIAA and the media says.)

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Appreciate your Help!!!

by katiejo43 In reply to You are panicking needles ...

Thank you for taking time to reply... I sure do appeciate it! Computers isn't my strong suit! The reason I was panicking a little is because I turned my computer on and it asked for the windows information which I didn't receive with my laptop! When I went to geek squad they said I had a sixty day trial and had to pay 150 to get it fully installed... So I'm a little confused on if they are just trying to get more $$ outta me? My laptop is a Asus Model #: K50I-RBBGR05....SKU#:
9700714.... Hope this is the information you asked about!
thanks again... Have a great day
Katie jo

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Do they mean Office maybe?

by Neon Samurai In reply to Appreciate your Help!!!

Windows doesn't come installed on a new computer as a sixty day trial. Would it be Microsoft Office 2007 60 day trial that they are refering to?

I don't ask to insult; I can't tell you how many people told me about "Windows 2007" last year when they really meant "Microsoft Office 2007". The first is the software that makes your computer start up and gives you the desktop icons and such. The second is applications that run on top; Word, Excel, Access and such.

A comparison may be a hand held hairdryer (the OS) versus the various blower end attachments that change how the air comes out (applications).

If it's Microsoft Office (the blower end attachment), then you might want to look at which is a free office suite. It may do enough of what you need and won't time out in sixty days.

If you know any computer type folk personally or have friends with computery kids, they would be a good resource to talk with even if you don't have them make any changes to the machine.

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I'd also reckon the trial is for Office ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Appreciate your Help!!!

If for no other reason than the normal grace period before HAVING to register any Windows installation is usually 28 days.

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Yar, THAT sounds like Office.

by seanferd In reply to Appreciate your Help!!!

If you don't know what it is, you likely don't need it at all.

If you find you do want an office suite without paying 150 bucks. OpenOffice is nice at $0.

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