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    What does QSIF mean?


    by mattyras ·

    Hey was wondering what QSIF and SIF mean as it applies to video resolutions?


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      digital video formats

      by shiny_topadm ·

      In reply to What does QSIF mean?

      These labels are used to describe image size, which is related to resolution. In an NTSC video, standard full-screen resolution is 704×480 pixels. The Standard Image Format (SIF) is 352×240 and the QuarterSize Image Format (QSIF) is 276×120 pixels. The picture in an SIF file is bigger, but so is the data file! If you need to enlarge a QSIF to be full screen, the resolution (and picture detail) will be greatly decreased compared to an SIF of the same image.
      hope this helps.

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