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What does the Microsoft re-org mean to you?

By RexWorld ·
Our sister site is reporting a massive re-organization at Microsoft:

The headline was about the planned retirement of Jim Allchin, the man who has been heading Windows development for many years. But to me that's not the big story--he's sticking around until after Vista is delivered late next year so there's no real changes in that regard.

I think the big news is the integration of MSN into the same group that handles their core Windows platform and development tools. That's where they seem to be putting some muscle, turning MSN into not just a portal but a platform.

Of course that mimics what Google's been doing--not just delivering apps but API's for the Web. That's clearly the goal here--to make the Web in essence a third Windows platform in addition to their existing desktop and server platforms.

I know the Google folks are a little cocky and they deserve to be with all their success. But to me this re-org shows that Microsoft is determined as always to own the platform, and in this case that means turning the Internet into just another platform for Windows apps.

Don't know if they'll succeed but it's going to be an interesting fight. The game's afoot.

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