What does the registry look like in Win 7

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What does the registry and explorer look like, any improvements? Did they add back the descriptive text in the Internet Options settings, like in win98? Thank you for all the info on Win7. This is the first OS that I would actually purchase as a new install. Don't want an upgrade.

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What does the registry look like in Win 7

by PoppaTab In reply to What does the registry lo ...


The registry looks pretty much like; well ummm, the registry. I haven't taken it apart as of yet. I can search the registry and modify just like always. I did not use descriptive things on the win 98 OS, but the newest: IE 8 can be a pain if you are just learning it. There is private and privacy modes to contend with. I usually use Opera or FireFox for a browser. The windows explorer on the computer has changed a bit from XP. I like win 7 best of my OS's that I use. XP is a good OS, I prefer win 7 over XP anytime. Some folks are saying win 7 is what Vista should have been, but I think Vista has settled out most of the problems windows users have encountered. Have a look around TR to find the reviews, etc.

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