What Driver Downloader to use???

By cdwright1 ·
I have An Acer Aspire 3680-2022 notebook I bought used with Windows 7 ultimate upgrade.
It's supposed to have the 3in1 card reader but it's not reading any memory cards.
I opened up device mgr. The icon for mass storage controller needed attention. So I tried to update driver... No driver to update- driver is missing.
I've tried a few driver updaters but they all want to be paid to activate after the initial scan. I don't want to pay for software if I can't use it or it won't work!
What driver installer do you recommend? I'm not officially a tech though I am pretty savvy.
If there is free driver software that I can use without having to pay for registering; It would be even better since I just paid $50.00 for a 16gb flash memory card and I have to buy a replacement battery! But other than all that the laptop's great! So please, no comments about getting my money back!!

Thank You,

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Download From Acer

by TheChas In reply to What Driver Downloader to ...

I myself ALWAYS download drivers from the system or hardware manufacture.

For this, you should go to the Acer support page and download the latest drivers for the system you have.

One BIG advantage of downloading the drivers from the computer manufacture is that they almost always are tested before being posted. No worries about unexpected conflicts.

Also, keep in mind that the newest driver is not always the best for older hardware.


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No Can Do

by cdwright1 In reply to Download From Acer

Acer doesn't carry Windows 7 compliant driver software.

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OS Update Issues

by TheChas In reply to No Can Do

Well, I would never update the OS on any computer without first checking to see if I can download appropriate drivers for all of the hardware.

My personal rule is that if the manufacture does not provide drivers for a new version of Windows, I will not install the new OS on that computer.

For Windows 7, like XP and Vista before it, Microsoft has an upgrade advisor tool you can run. It does a fair job of identifying both software and hardware that are not supported by Windows 7.


When the non-supported hardware is a scanner or printer, you have to plan on replacing it. At best, you will have minimum function using the default Windows drivers.

I also categorically refuse any Driver updates from Microsoft. I have seen far too many instances of Microsoft Update drivers breaking systems to ever use them.

As to your issue with the flash reader, if the device is not identified by the base hardware manufacture in Device Manager, none of the driver finder programs are going to find a driver. They just will not know what to look for.

The only alternative I use from the system or board manufacture is the manufacture of the chip that is at the heart of the hardware device.

Keep in mind, that a lot of chips can be highly configured as part of the design process and the component manufactures default or development drivers may not work. Plus, for older hardware, even the component manufacture is not apt to update the driver for a new OS.


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Concerning the comment about OS upgrade

by cdwright1 In reply to OS Update Issues

I bought this used from a company that installed the OS and supposedly had their techs look everything over... But who's to say what kind, if any, certification their 'techs' have...
But to be honest, if I could, I'd upgrade any Vista based computer of mine to Windows 7. I have 3. One's this one- 7 Ultimate, one is xP, and third is Vista Home Basic, which I plan on "fixing" sometime this spring!


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TI Follow Up

by TheChas In reply to No Can Do

I just spent some time looking at the Texas Instruments site for drivers or other information.

Best I can determine, the card reader chip is a TI PCI6412, PCI7412 or PCI8412.

I could not find any reference driver software, nor a data sheet for the device.

You might try contacting Acer support. They may have a newer model that uses the same TI controller chip that does have a Windows 7 driver available.


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Yep I completely agree with the above Post Download from Acer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What Driver Downloader to ...

But if you look at the Acer Web Site for this model they do not support any form of Windows 7 for this Model which may be part of your current problem.


As they do not list the actual maker of the Card Reader it's quite possible that it's one of the older ones which is not Windows 7 Compatible or it could just be that they have not bothered submitting any new drivers for Digital Signing as there is no return to Acer in the undertaking because it's only a cost with no chance of recovering any of the outlays.

But having said that if you are using a 32 Bit Version of 7 the Vista Drivers work most of the time so you could always use one of those.


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16GB = SDHC . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to What Driver Downloader to ...

not all card readers can see SDHC,

and not all card readers that support a standard can read larger cards

even recent models made last week don't support all sizes of cards

my normal SD reader can't read 2GB cards reliably (the documentation states max 1GB cards supported)
my SDHC reader can't read cards over 8GB

_ _

checking the Acer Site for drivers
lists the 3680 as only supported for
- XP: Pro, MCE, & Home
- Vista: 32-bit flavors

the card reader is a TI(Texas Instruments) device
you could try TI for drivers
if you can find the device chip info

(adding / testing link)

link goes to product selector and sets a cookie based on selection

pic (steps in product selector)

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Your links are N/A

by cdwright1 In reply to 16GB = SDHC . . .

My system is Windows 7 ultimate. Acer doesn't have any card reader drivers for this system.
I DID download the one for Vista Home Basic, the OS Acer tech told me came on my laptop. Now in computer mgmnt under human interface device you can see the Texas Instrument card, but I can't access it. When I right click COMPUTER, all it shows is my hard drive.
I'll probably go to Microsoft Support and let them remotely tweak on this issue...
But thanks for the heads up about size being an issue (The card!!!) I will put in the sd card that Acer included with my Aspire One netbook before Micro Techs go to work.
Thank You,

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laptop card readers shut off when no card is present. . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Your links are N/A

that's why you can't see a drive in my computer or in computer management

if you put a 1 or 2GB card in it you might see the device work and assign a letter to the card

edit: add info

when a laptop card reader doesn't have a card inserted the drive letter is not assigned, though the device may still appear in device manager
when a card is ejected the drive letter is released,
unlike desktop card readers which assign drive letters to empty card slots and those letters are always available on a desktop

you are using 7 ultimate and probably should try the vista Ultimate driver rather than the home version driver

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by cdwright1 In reply to Your links are N/A

Human Interface Device is for my bluetooth usb for my mouse. The TI card is listed under it's own driver. The memory card, when recognized, would be listed right under the hard drive (disc drives)in device management just like it is on my other laptop. (I just realized that!)

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