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What else can Microsoft add to Office?

By Scott Lowe Contributor ·
Many poeple have lamented the fact that Microsoft continues to release new versions of Office, but provides very little compelling reason to upgrade. With the possibility that Office 12 may feature server-based Office components like Excel and Visio, can Microsoft turn this trend around and get people upgrading, or is it a lost battle since they already own the market?

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Perhaps if they where to license Word Perfect

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What else can Microsoft a ...

They might have some reasons to cause people to think about upgrading every 12 months or so when they release a new version of their Office Program.

Personally I can see very little difference between Office 10 and the latest version but if you are a company with Software Assurance you get the new versions and install them anyway so there is no big deal there. It is only with the really small business and home users that M$ has a problem.


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