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What else should we write about?

By paul.baldwin@techrepublic ·
The fact that TechRepublic publishes about 200 articles each month means little if you don't see a topic that applies to you. To make sure we're giving our members information on technologies that are most important to them, we would like to know: What would you like to see more of on the site? What are we covering that best assists you? What are we missing? Please let us know. What you tell us can help us help you.


Paul Baldwin
Senior Editor

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Application Software

by TheChas In reply to What else should we write ...

I personally would like to see more articles on 3rd party (none Microsoft) application software.

CD burning programs

Image editors

CADD software


How about TR's or Gartners take on the problems Intuit is having from the Macro-Vision - C-Dilla product activation software issue.

If I think of more, I will post more.


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Building a Business Case

by keat.khoo In reply to What else should we write ...

I was looking for more information on how to build a Business Case for an IT project. I was hoping to find some examples and guidelines, but did not find any.

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Enterprise Architecture

by landersen In reply to What else should we write ...

I'd like to see more articles tied to Enterprise Architecture, from concept, design, developement, implementation, etc. Not just the IT aspects, but also the business process elements and logicial models, etc.

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More Microsoft Security

by RAMGarden In reply to What else should we write ...

Need more about Microsoft security...

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by wetground In reply to What else should we write ...

What is the best way to get your foot in the door when looking for a job?

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by joaquin.llorente In reply to What else should we write ...

In a global market it is important to ensure that IT solutions are localised and adapted to diverse requirements.

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IT Architecture and Infrastructure x TCO

by eacapuano In reply to What else should we write ...

In hard times, IT pros are asked to cut (or reduce) infrastructure costs. So, I would like to see more articles and opinions on how to build better computational architectures and infrastructures and, simultaneously, cutting costs and improving the TCO. Or just Gartner Group are ready to talk about this matter in the World?

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Nowadays more and more people get onto the TCP/IP Stack band-wagon without realising that there is a plethora of other protocols out there still going strong. I would like to see more info on some of these.

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