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What email client for the Mac is bug-free and works as advertised?

By chrisbedford ·
I have a couple of clients who need to be able to access a LARGE database of mail going back a few years. On their Windows machines, using Outlook PST files, that was easy if a bit slow: create separate "personal folders" files, drag and drop. Compact the files afterwards. Simple, effective, no issues.

Entourage for Mac (Office 200: database crashes and corrupts all the data. Outlook for Mac (Office 2011): same again. Thunderbird: hangs, sends the most unbelievable ransom-note formatted mails. Mac Mail: can't handle embedded graphics.

Someone must have a solution to this. Everyone is using email as a filing system nowadays, I cannot believe that my problem is unique. Anyone able to help?


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I think you may be asking the wrong question,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to What email client for the ...

or at least not the complete one. What's the backend system that your clients are connecting to? Should you be looking at your e-mail server system instead of the clients?

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Well... maybe... partially...

by chrisbedford In reply to I think you may be asking ...

It's an Exchange server, in the specific case that I am thinking of, but
(a) The Office 2008 client, Entourage, accesses it using the I.E. Webmail protocols,
(b) Using Thunderbird I am currently accessing it as an IMAP server, and
(c) Nine other Outlook clients have no trouble whatever, and all 10 smart phone clients likewise, even though they access the Exchange machine via a dynamic DNS address from outside the company.

To put it another way, I don't think it makes any difference what server we are talking about. Other clients at another company use only POP3 to an ISP's mail server and they experienced the same symptoms - indeed, those users had no problems at all when using Outlook (versions from 2000 to 2007) but after converting to iMacs and Macbooks the nightmares began.

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This one probably should have been posted to Q&A,

and you might consider posting it as a question Chris, since you might get
a good answer there.
Meanwhile, what you are experiencing probably should have been expected.
You are migrating from a Windows environment to Apple. It appears from what
you've written that only the Apple based machines are having trouble, is this
correct? If so, you may be able to setup the Exchange server to allow these
clients to access it that way instead of via POP3. I'm not well versed in this
though, so as I said at the top try posting in Q&A...there are some really
knowledgeable users that frequent that area!

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Thanks, Wizard

by chrisbedford In reply to What email client for the ...

...wasn't really aware there was a separate Q&A section, I'll look for it.

But btw, not *migrating", as such - the 2 Mac users has been on the network for some years (although they did migrate from Windows machines, originally). It just happens to be a mixed environment.

[Oh - I just re-read my original post and I see I expressed myself badly. I was describing the generic Windows/Exchange scenario when I said it was simple - I didn't mean I had just migrated those users.

[However the problem did arise almost as soon as I did the migration. After fixing it that time, and keeping a watchful eye on the total amount of stored items, we have managed to keep the crashes to a minimum. However the database now seems to have reached a point that Entourage just can't handle]

There are no Exchange Server settings that cater for Mac clients, specifically (that I know of) - you just configure the various access protocols, MAPI, POP3, IMAP, HTTP. It is supposed to be a universal or OS-agnostic environment.

Anyway thanks for the response. I'll see what I can find in Q&A now!

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