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what exactly is "network administration"?

By vinayd ·
and does it pay well?

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Many tasks lumped into 1 position

by w2ktechman In reply to what exactly is "network ...

It is all determined by what is expected. A netadmin for a small business and from a large business may include more or less duties. But, for the most part, it is keeping the network running, backup and disaster recovery planning/implementation, upgrade/patch management, determining how to improve performance, keeping licenses current, fixing outages/server/network failures, scripting, relieving bottlenecks, server additions, monitoring traffic, auditing different aspects, creating and implementing network security policies, and more.

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A few years

by zlitocook In reply to Many tasks lumped into 1 ...

Ago it was that but now it seems that it includes every thing from desktop support to patch management. It all depends on the company and how they have the job listed.
If you work for a small company you may have many hats, like the go to person if the printer or copier stops working. Or at a large company you may need to know IBM AIX, Sun OX and Linux to get through the day.
Job titles stay the same but there have been allot of things added to it and you need to adapt to stay employed.
Ask what they are looking for and what they expect of you.

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by w2ktechman In reply to A few years

I was not at all trying to cover every aspect, just the major/most common ones. As I had posted as well, it depends on the size of the company, and how they define the role. I once had that position. As sysadmin at a small company of 30 people, I was the helpdesk, deskside, and netadmin, net-ops, QA, tester, and anything related to the technology side of things.

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A Mechanic

by Roger99a In reply to what exactly is "network ...

A network Administrator is a high end computer mechanic, an IP traffic cop, the last hope for troubleshooting a problem you can't even see. He's the guy who figures out how to make the rediculous plan work. He's also the guy who keeps your inbox spam free and working 24X7. He gets your file back when you accidentally delete it. He gets the server running again when the hard drive dies. He keeps the evil people off the company network. He's the person people turn to when the network gets ugly. He can stare at an IP sniffer for an hour to find that one computer that has the virus that Norton couldn't find. He's the guy that works the 20 hour weekend so the new upgrade won't affect user productivity. If you want to be that guy then the pay isn't the issue. You can live comfortably on it, but it ain't lawyer pay. It beat's digging post holes for a living. I'll testify to that.
My unofficial title is CCM. Chief Computer Mechanic.

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