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    What good is a certification and a degree?


    by ree_ree27029 ·

    I have a 4 year degree from the Univerity of Houston. I also have a MCSE under NT. I am currently in school to upfrade my MCSE for the W2K3 track, get a CCNA, and a MSSQL DBA. Inadditiont o all of this, I have 7 years of experience. The problem is that my experience is soley in Control Systems design, implementation, and maintainance. Basically, I support all the PC/Server responsible for the 24/7 operation of various plants/production facilities utilizing Wonderware products (

    This industry is a very small pie slice of the overall IT Industry.

    I am wondering if the money and time spent upgrading my Certs is going to be owrkth it when compared to my experiece.

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      Yes and no

      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to What good is a certification and a degree?

      Qualifications get you past HR to an interview. Experience will get you the job.

      Don’t sweat coming out of manufacturing by the way. I’ve been back to it twice, 24/7 production oriented is a very good thing, it means you are very aware of what’s important.

      Getting it working and keeping it working so you can do business.

      Emphasise that criticallity and that of safety and what they meant, should get you welcomed with open arms.

      After you’ve dealt with three big hairy fitters, who are watching their bonus dribble out of the bottom of a server cabinet because of you , a manager struggling to find a worksheet is small potatoes.

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