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    What good is software security when it’s stolen?


    by dracnoc ·

    Vista’s new security features – Linux more secure than Windows – blah, blah, blah. All that means nothing when your PC has been stolen. So, to divert away from some of the recent security issues a little (and to provide a little fresh air), who is doing what when it comes to physical security? You can read a thousand reviews of the latest AV and firewall software, but where are all the physical security product reviews?

    Major companies can spend $$$ on physical protection, guards on the doors, walk-in safes for their servers and so on, but what is happening on the home user front? Some of us don’t have the greens to secure their systems but want to stop them being stolen. It would be good to see some new and novel ideas on how to keep your hardware safe.

    For me, my gear is on the second floor in the building I live in with no easy means of climbing up. There’s three locked doors between it and the outside world, each made of very solid english oak and fitted with substantial locks (trying to kick them in only results in broken toes). Finally, the case is bolted to the floor.

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      non-physical, anti-theft measures….

      by mroonie ·

      In reply to What good is software security when it’s stolen?

      Well it seems the reason why the debate remains on digital security rather than physical security is because we all know that the loss of digital information is more likely to happen over the internet/email rather than phsycially.

      It seems like your arguement here is that it is cheaper to physically secure PC’s than it is to set up firewalls and such but it seems rather absurd to solve the problem by nailing down your laptop to your desk.

      There are cheap methods for securing your PC internally. Firewalls help to a certain degree but I would suggest using anti-theft software that encrypts data so that even if someone does somehow get through you locked and bolted safe that you keep your computer in, they still won’t be able to access the info you store on there.

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      hmm . . .

      by apotheon ·

      In reply to What good is software security when it’s stolen?

      I protect it physically just as well as I protect anything else I own, with attention to detail, deadbolts, my handgun, et cetera.

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      Mine’s a dusty old budget

      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to What good is software security when it’s stolen?

      pc, not worth the effort of carrying away.
      Must confess, aside from the contents insurance, I’ve never thought about it.
      I will now though.

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      I have

      by zlitocook ·

      In reply to What good is software security when it’s stolen?

      Two big dogs I live in a suburb that is half cops because in St Louis to be a cop you must live in the city. And this is a close to the county you can get.
      And I put a picture of my mother in law on the doors even the church prople that come a knockin run away at the site of that woman. 🙂

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