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What gross things have you found during PC cleanup

By CagedMonkey ·
OK, I know all of you out there have at one time or another found something repulsive when cleaning up a PC. What I want to know is what items have you found in/on a PC when a user complained something did not work.

Recently I was called to a users desk because they claimed the keyboard was not operating correctly. Many of the keys were sticking or just not working.

Well, I got to the user's desk and picked up the keyboard, turned it over to see what might shake loose. Lo-and-behold. Hundreds of fingernail clippings dropped out and deposited themselves onto the desk. I just left the pile there and asked them to clean it up. I was not about to touch any of it.

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by stargazerr In reply to What gross things have yo ...

mashed potato.

The guy was very fond of mashed potato and ate lunch at his desk ... When some of his keyboard keys stopped working, I opened the thing up and scraped the potato out with a knife.


P.S I wore gloves

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Fur Balls

by slaterg In reply to Thumbnail full of

I was asked to service a Dell Desktop and when I removed the side panel to look for problems it was there staring right back at me!
The inside was packed full of cat hair and dander.
The PC was being used as a server in the owners house and had been running for three years 24/7
and the family cats bed was right beside the computer! I normally **** air over components to clean off acumilated dust but this one I needed to use a vacumm cleaner to contain the mess.

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Hospital work

by Old_sys_admin_guy In reply to Fur Balls

I worked in a 430 bed hospital, keyboards covered in food and coffee, and who knows what else. CPUs choked with dust, not to mention the Intensive care unit PCs, covered in contagious bacteria. No wonder people get sicker while in the hospital! We always wore gloves and used plenty of hand snaitizer. Bleh! Glad to be out of there.

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Keyboard full of coke

by JamesRL In reply to What gross things have yo ...

Coca cola not cocaine....

Someone had spilled and not bothered to turn the keyboard upside down. This was in the early days of the Mac (mid 80s) when a keyboard was $110. So I opened it up and got out the contact cleaner and the q tips.


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by jvcartera In reply to Keyboard full of coke

Another method that worked for me was...
turn off computer,
unplug keyboard,
flush keyboard with fresh running water,
dry keyboard with a hair drier or leave right side down on top of an air duct, time permitting.

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by Jaqui In reply to What gross things have yo ...

I found, coffee, coka-cola and hot chocolate in one keyboard

the entire curcuitry was corroded.
so a complete replace of the keyboard.

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Sometimes it is the New guy that gets the worse

by isrowley_03 In reply to well

As a Computer PC Manager for Dell, I have seen some pretty gross things. But, this one time, we received a service call on a Dell PC that kept shutting down every 2 minutes. I sent one of my new hire Techs, just to see what he would find. About 30 minutes later I received a call from the client, who told me that my Tech had to be taken to the Hospital, for a severe allergic reaction.
When I arrived at the client's house, I noticed 8 Cat Food Bowls and 4 water bowls. My tech, it seems is allergic to cat hair! Anyway when I took the cover off the Half Tower, it looked as if the inside of the PC had been packed tight with cat hair. So tight, that even the client's central vaccuum could not dislodge even 1 hair. I had to use pointed nose pliers to get the hair out and the hair filled my 3M PC vaccuum.

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by TonytheTiger In reply to What gross things have yo ...

The computer was on the floor, under the desk, and had not been touched in years. They re-arranged the office and when they turned the computer back on, a bunch of little bits of paper had exitted through the power supply fan. When I openned the case, the little varmints (two) ran out and scared the @#$% out of me!

Only one thing worse than finding a mouse in your computer ... finding half a mouse ...

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by stargazerr In reply to Mice

Better Alive than dead I always say


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by denbrown In reply to Yikes

I found a mummified mouse in one PC. I think the person that used it had no sense of smell coz it must have stunk the place out before it dessicated......

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