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    What happened to my Chrome download speed?

    by rubidiumchainmail ·


    For the past few months my downloads through chrome have been appallingly slow, we’re talking a consistent 300kb/s. During these downloads I’ve ran a speed test to find I have a download speed of over 25mb/s. My pc is certainly not the issue as it’s got a beefy CPU and is relatively new. I have a download filtering security software if thats anything to it. Help is appreciated.
    Thanks, RC

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      Could be almost anything including the PC itself.

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to What happened to my Chrome download speed?

      Just because it is new doesn’t mean that it is working correctly and just that you have plenty of RAM and a FAST CPU doesn’t mean that it will download fast.

      For starters when did you last run Defrag?

      How are you connecting to the internet? Wireless or a wired connection the wired connection will always be faster than a Wireless just because that is the way things are.

      What else is being downloaded from the Internet from other devices? If you have things like Smart Speakers or Streaming devices they will consume bandwidth and slow down other downloads.

      What filtering Software do you have and has it adversly impacted in other areas? If the entire system is slow or slower than it was that could be the issue or even any other software installed the more you have the greater the load on the CPU and the slower things will be not to mention the chances of a Software Conflict which can slow everything to a crawl.

      Is all the hardware correctly setup? It is possible that more than one device is sharing the same port and causing everything to slow down or just the hardware in conflict.

      What is the Task Manager showing you about CPU, RAM and Network usage? Remember the Network usage will only apply to that computer not anything else connected to your internet connection.

      Now if you are connecting Wirelessly and the WiFi Access Point is away from the computer things like Fluro Lights, Microwave Ovens or numerious other electrical items even the house wiring itself could be affecting the WiFi Connection and slowing things down by a poor signal or it could be introducing spikes into the data stream and causing the computer to do a lot of Error Correction which will slow down data transfers.

      If it is a wired connection is the cat cable close to any electrical cables which do the same things as electrical devices to WiFi.

      If the WiFi access point is right beside the computer is the computer getting a strong signal you may need to move the Access Point to improve the signal strength or even the plan that the aerial is in on either the computer or Access Point.

      If you are using a USB Dongel to connect tot he internet how fast is the USB Port it is plugged into and how strong is the signal it is getting it may be required toput the dongle onto a USB Extention Lead and place it in a different plan/position to improve it’s signal or plug it into a different USB Port which is a Faster USB Type.

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        Last week I got a 3 week old i9 in

        by oh smeg ·

        In reply to Could be almost anything including the PC itself.

        If it had of been anyone else,s in that company they would have been fired because the owner had allowed his kids to play with it and they had messed it up completely.
        He thought that just because you uninstalled something it was all gone and the thing was exactly the same as when he got it, nothing totally gets removed and this unit should have been blindly fast it was the fastest i9 currently available with 24 GIG of RAM and a couple of fast SSD’s when it was returned it was running like a Sick 90 Pentium and took 35 minutes to load Windows 10. In that case the only reasonable option was to wipe away the OS and reinstall all the business software and data as it would have taken ages just editing the registery with no garantees that it would make any improvments.

        His kids did however claim it played Fortnight great. Not sure what else they had put onto it but judging by how badly the Drives where fragmented quite a lot of crap and junk had been installed.

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      My Reply

      by roncloudgeek ·

      In reply to What happened to my Chrome download speed?

      Maybe the server from which you’re downloading has issues. If you’re experiencing this issue on all downloads from chrome your first step should be a reinstall.

      Other than that maybe your Steam or Torrent is using the bandwidth at the same time.

      This should be solved really easily, Chrome is pretty much straight forward.

      Best of luck

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      Browser is the last thing that could affect download

      by orlbuckeye76 ·

      In reply to What happened to my Chrome download speed?

      speed. Download speed is more affected by connection speed. When download about all the browser does is monitor the process. Working with FTP sites at work I’ve been told by vendors that using a FTP program is much faster then using a GUI app inside a brother. The issue is the GUI app more then the browser.

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      like this one.

      by kaywet73 ·

      In reply to What happened to my Chrome download speed?

      If you mean when downloading files, you can try this setting.

      Type this on chrome’s address bar:


      Search for “download”

      Set Parallel downloading to Enabled

      Relaunch and see if there’s any difference.

      Which speed test are you running? Does your ISP have one as that will usually be the basis for raising any shortfall with them? Some speed tests have more than one option e.g. has more than one option and this affects the observed speeds.

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