What happened to my keyboard?

By jahidul_006 ·
Since some days my keyboard has been giving some trouble. When I start the computer, it works fine for sometime but then a lot starts happening all by itself. The Help and Support Centre pops up by itself, that too not once but 3 or 4 windows at a time. And then the "My Documents" link gets renamed something as "&==5666". After that the Computer goes into Standby mode. If I bring it out of that state, it again goes to Standby without giving me enough time to even open a program. If I am working at a document, letters get typed like crazy-all this without my even touching the keyboard. I am pretty sure the problem lies in the keyboard because if I unplug it and run the computer, I don't face any trouble (ofcourse other then going through the trouble of typing with the On-Screen Keyboard). Can anything be done about this? Any help would be welcomed.
My system configuration is as follows:
Win XP, P4 processor, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB HDD, and the keyboard is Silitek made, P/S 2, model SK1789. The machine is an HCL EzeeBee.


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by patb071 In reply to What happened to my keybo ...

Try swapping out the keyboard. there is a chip in the keyboard that probably went bad.

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Not advisable to unplug a keyboard from a hot computer ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to What happened to my keybo ...

That alone could fry the chip in the keyboard.

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problem persists with an USB keyboard

by jahidul_006 In reply to Not advisable to unplug a ...

I even tried an USB keyboard; it types frantically too without instigation, though it doesn't put the comp in standby. the keyboard could have been faulty though. hot swapping did take place. could it have sabotaged some part of the motherboard?

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"sabotage" possible

by brian In reply to problem persists with an ...

It is possible that you could have fried something out on the motherbaord, however, it is also possible that you could have a bigger underlying problem. I had this happen to one of my older systems just a few days ago and found that it was the motherboard (many of the "caps" on the board were bubbled and leaking). Another thing could be that you have a virus (though I haven't heard of one that only does this when the keyboard is plugged in and not when it is unplugged). An easy test for your keyboard problem would be to take the keyboards to a different PC and plug them in (test them) to see if that PC does the same thing, but the problem with this is that if one of those keyboards have a short in them, you risk the chance of harming the other pc that you are plugging them into, so make sure that it is one system that you don't care about/need. Option 2 is to go out a purchase a new keyboard (you can usually find them at a local shop for ~$10-$20).

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Problem Resolved!

by jahidul_006 In reply to "sabotage" possible

After getting feeds here, i opened up the keyboard and took the 'chip' out and found some gel like substance dried up on some of the circuits. i cleaned it up, plugged the keyboard in and viola!, the keyboard is working fine now!! thank you guys; i'm typing on my keyboard after such a long time and its all due to your help. i am really greatful. thanks :-)

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