What happened to my photos?

By aki21 ·
Hi I have an IPhone SE (the old one) and I am very confused. I had 6000 photos in my photo gallery and 2000 photos in my ‘recently deleted’. Then I deleted my ‘recently deleted’ permanently. Just now when looking through my phone I notice that all my deleted (or so I thought) photos are back in my photo gallery. But I still only have 6000 photos. Can someone make this make sense? I couldn’t have accidentally clicked ‘recover’ cause then I would have 8000 photos + my storage went down almost 20 GB after “deleting”. I haven’t been able to find any missing pictures. What did I delete?
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I'm guessing.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to What happened to my photo ...

That you have decided to forgo backups of your content.

To me, this is not an uncommon problem as folk don't want to invest the time required. All it takes is for one bad day and then our backups all make sense.

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by aki21 In reply to I'm guessing.

It happened just before backing up my phone -so that my useless media wouldn’t be included in the backup. I just don’t understand the math in this -do you think my phone simply recovered my ‘recently deleted’ and deleted (some of) my other photos?

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I guessed part of it.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Backup

It appears you have a single backup so it's not possible to compare two backups before and after to see what happened.

If you are not missing anything you can tell then that's as good as it gets.

At this many thousand photos and files you have to develop a system where you know how many photos are in what folders so where there is a change you know where to look. You are asking me to know this without any system that has such a check.

Here my sync app alerts me to deletions so I can tell it to proceed or not.

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