What happened to my User Profile?

By b.o.b ·
I have a freaky problem, I'll try to make it brief but explicit.
I had an application installed (PreEmpt) that I wanted to get rid of but it did not want to uninstall normally (file in use), so I booted to Safe Mode and completed the deleting/uninstalling. I am the only user of the Dell Inspiron 8100 on which this problem occurred, but when I signed into 'safe mode', of the two user accounts I have, I signed in as Administrator. When all deleting/uninstalling was complete, I booted, but when WinXP Home SP2 loaded the Desktop that displayed was as if I had booted for the very first time after doing a reinstall in Jun.?06 (M$ bliss wallpaper, the My Documents and My Recent Documents were empty, etc. Very, very few icons were visible and there were 'clouds' asking if I wanted to tour WinXP and the Dell Support cloud was there too.) I checked some of my files and the most recent I could find was Jun.?06. However, WinXP SP2 is completely up-to-date(?). IE7 was installed and functional ? I just installed this in early March. There was no Outlook icon available and I had to use Program Files to launch it, but as I did the install wizard deployed. Some applications were missing but the ones that were there were up-to-date.
I immediately did a Virus Scan, which was negative and PestPatrol. I have Norton GoBack, but the ONLY choice available was today(?) when you use GoBack you have to disable system restore. Does anyone have any idea what happened here?
How can I get back to my normal Desktop with my personal settings and files?

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by Pringles86 In reply to What happened to my User ...

It seems as though that it logged you into the administrator profile instead of your profile.

Go to your C drive, then "Documents and Settings", open the folder that has your username, if it is there. If you are able to open that folder, go to "'User's documents" and see if you have more recent documents in there.

If your user profile is still there click on "Start" then click "Log Off" and login as yourself.

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