What hard copy data to store?

By Wheezey ·
I have vendor software license SKU's, Windows Product Keys, CAL's, Service Provider contracts, SLA's, and not to mention the driver/recovery CD's that come with new network appliances and workstations. How do you store them?

I'm looking at file cabinets, binders, and plain file boxes. Any experienced hard copy data filers out there with thoughts and experiences?

(I'm in a new IT environment that hasn't have any storage or filing system- some items in stacks on floor, others in boxes)

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speaking as a freshly graduated Office Admin

by PurpleSkys In reply to What hard copy data to st ...

I would keep all important documents in a filing cabinet sorted by date or relevance and in alphabetical order. Driver/recovery cd's or any other cd's/dvd's, i would keep in a disk storage unit of some sort (which can be placed on top of a filing cabinet). We have a nice oak look one here that we keep a lot of that stuff in, our OS dvd's/cd;s are kept in a brief case with cd sleaves inside. Any paper work that is over 7 yrs old but is still necessary I would transfer to file boxes and place in storage.

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We keep all original CD/DVDs & licenses in a large

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to What hard copy data to st ...

walkin safe at work but we have that luxury because of being in an old courthouse.

I'd be looking at some form of locking file cabinet with a fairly high temperature rating...something resistant to water & moisture also.

Drivers and stuff like that can usually be retieved off the Internet quite easily so we just have them in a file cabinet in the office...we keep our restore/recovery CDs in the safe though.

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