What hardware to buy for controlling multiple WAN's to multiple VLAN's

By amj ·
I need some help here. I've been asked to come up with a solution to th following:

On the WAN side we have multiple WAN IP addresses entering via the same physical WAN port on an ASA 5510. It is possible to direct one or more of those WAN IP's to a specific physical LAN interface.

Is it possible to do the same with a more low budget router instead of a fullfeatured firewall? And what router would I need? would it also be possible to log bandwidth and traffic use?

I guess the setup is somewhat like a mini ISP.

In short:
A box that can stear a specific WAN IP out of multiple WAN IP's to a specific physical LAN interface and at the same time measuring bandwidth and traffic use.

Looking forward to answers/suggestions as this is giving me a major headage.

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Try This

by warrenmeech In reply to What hardware to buy for ...

I recently did this. My ISP offered to send me the separate subnets on separate VLANS. This means that the Outside interface has several sub-interfaces and the ASA can be loaded with separate ip addresses and separate rules.

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Yep I know, but......

by amj In reply to Try This

The whole idea in this is to find a relatively low cost box of some sort that can sort things out before outside traffic hits the ASA. I already did the same as you did and well it works fine, but if I by accident tamper with the ASA config I risk shutting down WAN for a whole block.... and that gives me a headace ;-).

Also the ASA cannot (as far as I know - correct me if I'm wrong) measure traffic and give me a report per day, week, month, interface.....

The box I'm hunting for should be able to control bandwidth use and amount of MB for each interface while at the same time channeling traffic for external IP XX.XX.XX.XX to physical LAN interface and do the same for external IP YY.YY.YY.YY to physical LAN interface 10.0.yy.yy.

I would like though to thank you for the time you (warrenmeech) took to answer my post.

Best regards

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this is what we use to do exactly what you want.

by donald In reply to Yep I know, but......

ZyXel ZyWall 35 UTM Firewall

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