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What has happened to Off-Topic

By DadsPad ·
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There are no new posts since 1/24/08. I submitted a friday yuk! that never was posted. I asked about this in the TR problems.

Can someone explain?

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DP none of the Sections are

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What has happened to Off- ...

Getting Updated since the Site Redesign. It's not just the Off Topics but every heading so once anything drops off the front page it's impossible to find at the moment.

This Bug has been reported to TR and they are looking into the problem.


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Thanks, your are the first

by DadsPad In reply to DP none of the Sections a ...

to reply on this. I am glad someone is working on it, I really miss the Friday Yuk I am addicted to in Off-Topic.

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Yep I don't have any Life to speak of here DP.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks, your are the firs ...

But with the redesign things just haven't been the same and while most of the more obvious bugs have been sorted there are still quite a few that need work.

At least now you can sort of Navigate TR without too many problems unless you want to look in either the Discussions or Questions. It's getting better but it's a slow process. :)


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It may just be me, but

by DadsPad In reply to Yep I don't have any Life ...

I noticed no TR people reply to these questions like they used to. I hope the recession has not hit TR enough to damage the help the users need. :0

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I don't think that's the case here Dads

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to It may just be me, but

think it has more to do with the site not working the way that it used to and it's now harder to find any Questions Posted.

Even changing TR User Accounts is a Royal Pain at the moment I have to log out of TR then shut down the Web Browser clear the Cookies and Temp Internet Files then run CCleaner then I can start to think about logging back in and just have to wade through several 404's and then I may get to the position where I can submit a Post but if the Grey Box about Joining/Logging In to TR doesn't appear I have to repeat the process all over again.

Add to that, that the headings are not getting updated and today the Alerts are over 2 hours late I just think that you're not seeing a lot of the questions being posted or their responses as once they drop off the Extended Front Question Page I'm not sure that they are findable again. I know that I read a couple and thought I Don't have a Clue and then a short time latter I thought of a possibility and couldn't find the question again.

Then add to that when supposedly successfully logging in as HAL the next post that I submitted appeared as this account and when I went to edit it I could open that screen but when the edit was applied I got a message that I wasn't authorized to make any changes and then as a Test I found that the Login had eventually taken so I was now posting as HAL but without changing anything. Currently there are quite a few problems and as not many people use more than 1 Account at TR I don't think that will take much priority at getting fixed as other more important things are not working.

Personally I think that the Web Developers here used to work for M$ developing software and they got fired because they where too shoddy for even M$. I don't know what it is but with every so called Upgrade things get worse and take forever to get sorted or we have to learn to live without some things that have been with the site since the beginning.

This is supposed to make things better but it doesn't seem to ever happen.

We no sooner seem to get comfortable with last years changes than we have to learn the new changes and live with decreased Functionality. Even finding out who rated an answer with a Thumb is hard as if it's more than a couple of days since you made the accepted post it drops off the front page and I personally have no idea of what the latest Thumb is in relation to.

Even the Thumb Count is messed up badly if you look at this post it says 555 but when I log in it says 540 on my Profile Page so it's difficult to know what's exactly going on.

I just shudder when I try to imagine what problems new members have to go through to actually post a question as there don't seem to be many getting posted recently.


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Heh Col, thumb worked

by DadsPad In reply to I don't think that's the ...

Your answer was valuable. :)

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It feels

by Shellbot In reply to It may just be me, but

a bit quieter on here at the moment..

I think with all the problems some have just gone away for a bit..I know I have..I don't have as much time for TR as I used to if I come on and i can't find anything i'm just wasting my I don't come on as much..

but thats just me!

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You deserve a thumbs up too

by DadsPad In reply to It feels

I am doing most of the same. I just log on to see if it gets fixed. This is the only really new posting I have seen. :)

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Well actually things seem to be going back wards

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to You deserve a thumbs up t ...

I haven't got any Alerts for the last day or so now and it's very hard to find things that I've posted to quickly.

But on the up side I think I have finally worked out why there are so many 404's it's deliberate and a new form of Advertising with cheap entries for those advertising. :0

Col ]:)

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Lots of pain in the wazoo at the moment.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to What has happened to Off- ...

My thumb count is 88 or 89 depending on what page of My Workspace I am viewing, providing I can get into it at all.
Though I'm subscribed to several Discussions, I've no updates since the overhaul in My Workspace.
In spite of the fact that I can see my contacts posting, and am carrying on conversations with some of them, none of them show up in My Online Contacts. When I choose to view the profile of a contact to see what they've been up to, or are up to, as often as not I can't get to their Forum Posts for the page load errors.
Sometimes when I refresh Discussions, I wind up in Questions, and vice versa.
The little green dropdown box just has what appears to be a completely confused round clock like thing in constant motion.
I periodically have to log in again for no apparent reason, considering I don't sign out.
Page load errors are flying. There hasn't been a day since the overhaul that I haven't had several.
Last I checked, <> was blanking out the text between the carets, so I've been inverting them, for emoticontent not covered by emoticons.
Hyperlinks containing brackets still are not clickable, you have to copy and paste them into the address bar.
It's frankly getting to the point I don't bother to stop in. It's more aggravation than it's worth.

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