What HW and SW do I need to create Internet Radio

By Duborah ·
I am interested in creating an Internet Radio for community organization to advertise and discuss their programs.

What hardware and software would I need?

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As I take it that you will hosting your own site

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What HW and SW do I need ...

You'll need a high speed Internet connection as an absolute first option. Then a server to run the Web Site on that is far in excess of the minimum requirements and with a lot of HDD space preferably in a Mirrored RAID Array to have some redundancy to protect your streamed data. As well as Mains filtering and a decent UPS to keep the system running in the case of a power outage. Depending on the need maybe some form of backup generator as well.

As far as software goes you'll need some form of Web Hosting software as well as something to do the initial design with. The rest depends on what it is that you want to stream out if it's music you'll need some form of Mixing software that allows you to switch between audio sources without a break or Dead Air! The same applies to any form of advertising that you are looking at and this can be either just audio or it may be both Audio & Video so you'll need some form of the right Media Player and the ability to switch between adds without breaks.

As far as showing programing goes this could be something as simple as a DBase program that is dumped to the Web with just the listings of the programs that will be run. Or it could be more interactive with much more detail involved with pictures of the people involved and short cuts of some of the previous programing included. This really depends on how Creative you want to get and what type of Budget you have that you have to work within.

You can go from stationary video to full screen video or even maybe some animation. This really depends on the person who's responsibility it will be to keep the site running as they will not want to be spending hours doing some spiffy looking stuff if they have other work to do and maintaining the web site eats into their other work.

Personally I prefer the KISS principle here Keep It Simple Stupid the possibility of things going wrong increase exponentially with the more complex that you make the site and if you only have a part time Admin they will not be willing to spend all their time keeping it up to scratch.

The other thing that you'll have to look at is what Laws cover the Station and what Laws do any Internet Sites Have to Comply with Locally. Once you know the legal side of things you can then start to design the actual site and decide how it will be run. Just keep in mind that you will not be there forever so the next person who comes along will have to easily understand how it works the way that it's currently working and not spend several days/weeks understanding how the site was originally constructed or spend hours per week making sure that there are no broken Hyperlinks and that type of thing.


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