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What IDE do you use for coding and why?

By codewareltdservice ·
What is your favorite IDE for coding and why? What are the features you like most?
P.s. I am trying to compare IDE and open to trying new ones!
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What IDE do you use for coding

VSCode, Intellij CE, and vim. I have configured both VSCode and Intellij CE to use the same shortcuts. Intellij is good for java but you will have to purchase it for other languages. VSCode works superbly for golang. Besides, VSCode has number of really cool plugins. For example, I can use REST-API call, Kubernetes, helm right there from the IDE.

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What IDE do you use for coding and why?

by marks567217 In reply to What IDE do you use for c ...

Eclipse allows programmers to utilize the sources openly. It allows the user to use any of the OS, such as Linux, Windows, and Mac.

The interface provided by Eclipse is one of its most appealing elements. It allows a drop and drags functionality as well. You can also analyze your code using static analysis. It also supports elements such as debugging and profiling.

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