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By FluxIt ·
There is an emerging discipline of thought that our universe boils down to information and universe is a digital simulation. Numerous books are coming onto the market discussing these concepts either as science philosophy or fictional stories. Examples of this view are turning up everywhere.

1. DNA is a pattern makers template that some external program operates. The view is that the DNA strand is the same for all life. Genes are turned on and off based on timing and duration that determines which life form develops.
2. All language is perfectly ordered. More importantly all languages compress using the same algorithm. This is very key to cryptography.
3. In Quantum Mechanics it is determined that matter has an ON / OFF state known as Quantum Information. Richard Feynman (1965 Nobel Prize for research in quantum electrodynamics) hypothesized that quantum computers could be built.
4. In psychology, there is an ongoing effort to fuse the mind-brain theories into one unified theory. Like DNA has some external program running, some view the brain as computer hardware that an external program operating. Scientist cannot locate the mechanical workings of the brain to free will, consciousness, or self-awareness. They find the resultant activity but no biological mechanism for free will, consciousness, or self-awareness.
5. The concept of physical beauty is perfectly ordered. In fact, everything that is thought to be beautiful boils down to the Universal Beauty ratio of 1:1.618 and is organized based on fractals. As something we view falls outside of this ratio, it becomes less appealing the farther outside it gets. Of course sex appeal is another issue and it remains unexplainable why beautiful women hang around ugly losers.

There are many other examples but the point is that a perfectly ordered universe has been imposed based on information and is being operated by some kind of program external to space-time. If this were combined with the emerging concepts underlying the 11 dimensional Brane-World model of the Universe, one could theorize that in those dimensions other than space-time this program may be operating and projecting results into space-time. Each of us may very well be processors, memory, and IO in a very grand computer.

When we see a blue screen of a death do some of us reboot and recover? Imagine most ITMGR?s think they are God, one may very well be right.

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What if

by Smeglor In reply to WHAT IF GOD WAS AN ITMGR?

Knowledge is power
And IT is support
IT does not field big business, it supports it, or is marketed to.

I think we call all agree on that.

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A couple of things.......

by adam In reply to WHAT IF GOD WAS AN ITMGR?

nice theory.......

And I agree, we are definately somehting like a grand computer, but surely if we are using computers to analyse our existance, they are only going to see as far as we can - and at the moment, we can see no futher than computers (if you get my drift).

I think that we are more like a single, unified life form, to quote Bill Hicks (quoting someone else) "A scientist on acid once said that we are all one conciousness, experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death, as life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves"

And I think that this makes a lot of sense - at the end of the day, the world is simply a scientific system, made up of many forms of equilibrium. When we die, the particles that make up our body dont just cease to exist, they are recycled - life contiues. Just because we lose our 'personal' perspective, doesnt mean that life is over.

And look at the similarities that nature shows to our life - trees look like lungs, and our lungs have a fractal nature to them, like trees ........ But surely a fractal is just a patern - the only difference is that we now have the computers to analyse, and recognise them.

Chaos dynamics are definately goin to show us a lot about ourselves that we dont know - But I think that it is going to be a long time before we come to any sort of conclusion about the use/reason/meaning of our existance.

I guess what Im saying is that we are going to find similarities to computers throughout nature. And yes, some of the similarities are almost scary. BUT, we still only know what 25% of the brain does - and I am convinced that we are going to find 'reason' within this 75%, and I am also convinced that we already have wi-fi to - there have been many studies into esp, and Im sure a lot more will come of it in the future......

But - the point Im tryin to make is that, nature has devised an ingenious system with things like DNA and the human brain. And we have, almost unwittingly, mimicked that system when we created computers.

OK - sure - if we had created artificial intelligence, it would need some sort of construct to reside in, but I think that to simply label it a computer is perhaps a little short-sighted?

I dont want to come across like I am arguing against you - I just think that this is a really interesting subject, and I am relatively new to the world of chaos, and such like....... and id be really interested to keep this debate goin.

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Actually AAI is still in its infancy

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to A couple of things.......

Maybe at some time in the future things will be different but with the currently developed AI they are nothing better than M$ DOS 1 compared to Windows 2003 Enterprise Server.

Not that that is saying much but at least it gives the idea that the developments in AI are still very much in their infancy and will take a very long time to come to anything like the HAL 6000 that was shown in Space Odesy 2001.

However the original posting was very interesting and desivers a lot of consideration before I lodge a responce.


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God as an IT MGR

by Oz_Media In reply to WHAT IF GOD WAS AN ITMGR?

We'd all still be arguing about the existence of Bill Gates, the 'creator/thief" however you see him.

Some would believe in PC's others in MAC's but still others who will wait and see which prevails.

Coming to think of it, meybe God IS an ITMGR!

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