What if I didn't start out a geek

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just wondering - I am getting interested in learning programming. I've jsut taken a few classes already so I know virtually nothing compared to most! I don't just sit around programming in my own time, never getting up fromt he computer, knowing everything there is to know etc.... How will I know if I would even be a good match for something like programming? It seems like all the programmers out there started young and only talk in binary!

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If you enjoy it, stick with it, if it is frustrating you and you dont enjoy

by Slayer_ In reply to What if I didn't start ou ..., then don't pursue it.

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If you wonder where the time went

by jdclyde In reply to If you enjoy it, stick wi ...

while you were programming, you know you are a good fit.

Only a fool goes into programming because they heard they can make a lot of money......

Also, how well do you pick it up? Some people just do not have the ability to code well. Well, MOST people do not have the ability to code......

I can and did, but I don't enjoy it, so I moved from programming to Sys/Net admin.

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Education is never a bad thing...

by PurpleSkys In reply to What if I didn't start ou ...

honestly, you won't know until you try...if you discover after taking the required course that programming is not for you, there are other venues, like web development, data bases, networking, etc...I personally may be taking a leap of faith this fall and returning to school and have some reservations as well, but I have to try. I wish you lots of luck in you adventures :)

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Ah not born a geek...

by CG IT In reply to What if I didn't start ou ...

unless you like to sit around creating programs, reading books on programming, and basically have no life other than SciFi, programing, Pizza, Progamming and are a huge Bubba Fet fan, then .... the royal order of faternal geeks probably won't accept the application for inclusion to the geekdom.

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seeing my entire existance...

by Slayer_ In reply to Ah not born a geek...

Summed up in one sentence is disturbing.

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by CG IT In reply to seeing my entire existanc ...

it's what we do though.... but I'm really not a Bubba Fet fan,

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You forgot ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Ah not born a geek...

Slovenly keyboard skills combined to form the illusion that you are an abysmal speller of english words.

Only then can your inklusion be laid down in print.

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Then it doesn't matter

by Bizzo In reply to What if I didn't start ou ...

If you're interested in learning programming, do it.

If you know nothing now, then it might be a bonus, as you won't be biased towards any particular language or programming style.

You don't necessarily need to be a nerd to be a good programmer!

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being a logical thinker, and/or being able to organize thoughts helps

by Slayer_ In reply to Then it doesn't matter

most companies want you to be your own analyst, so it helps to be able to problem solve, as well as pitch your solution to the people that can give you the OK for projects or fixes or modifications or w/e.

Or you'll end up like me where everyone that knows all the business logic.... is on some sort of leave. because of it, 1 programmers is now doign the job of 2 business analysts, another programmer is guiding the sales team, and that leaves two lowly programers (me and a another guy) to actually do the work. And I have the most experience on support because I have worked on most of the systems various parts, so at least 80% of my time is devoted to support now, be it to clients, or to other staff members about business decisions.

Did I mention we are currently hiring. However we have no one to do an interview, so just apply and your hired :).

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