What if my work or personal computer gets infected with malware or a virus?

By RonCloudGeek ·
Are my OneDrive files at risk?
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If you write anything to One Drive

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What if my work or person ...

Then yes they are at risk as any thing that adversly impacts on your Data Files will also Adversly Impact on any Files you have off the computer when you write to it.

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Follow this step-by-step guide

by SFCable In reply to What if my work or person ...

Whether you saw a message saying a virus was detected, or your computer just seems slow and unreliable, you’ll want to scan for malware on your PC and remove any you find.
Follow this step-by-step guide for instructions on how to get rid of malware.
Step 1: Enter Safe Mode
Step 2: Delete temporary files
Step 3: Download malware scanners
Step 4: Run a scan with Malwarebytes
Step 5: Fix your web browser
Step 6: Recover your files if Windows is corrupt
Step 7: Keep your PC clean

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One Drive files are at risk only if

by Abeer Gauher In reply to What if my work or person ...

If your computer gets infected with a virus or ransomware and changes or corrupts your files that are stored on your One drive as well then yes your files are at risk. This is because your files are updated whenever a change is made to the original files that are stored on your computer.

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Yes, files will be at risk

by azeem28 In reply to What if my work or person ...

Depending upon the kind of malware that may affect one of your PC, your One Drive files will be at risk. If you have enabled One Drive synching in both your PCs, any modification in any of the files in One Drive folder of one PC will be synched on the other PC as well. In this manner, if your PC gets infected with a malware and the infection reaches the One Drive files in that PC, your other PC may also get infected as soon as the files are synched.
Ransomware is one of the worst kind of malware which can execute and harm your files.
Therefore, it is recommended to keep backup of important data as well instead of relying solely on Cloud Storage.

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Malware infection

by aishakf7 In reply to What if my work or person ...

Always have a backup of your files and keep them compressed to be on a safe side, but if in the worst scenario you feel as if your Work place has been infected Do a quick scan for virus/Malware.
Use the PC in the safe mode to prevent virus from being spread.
Use a Disk Cleanup Tool to delete the temporary files while being in the safe mode.
now again run a virus scan and take the further necessary actions as told by the anti-virus programs.
But in today's world where virus has become a very common harm , do keep a backup of your files because "it's better to be safe than sorry".

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Get To Work!

by AI-VR-Pro In reply to What if my work or person ...

First thing I would do is
Make sure you have the latest version of chosen anti-virus software.

2) Reboot your computer into safe-mode by pressing and holding the F8 key when starting the computer and selecting "Safe Mode" from the boot options when they are presented.
Microsoft specified how to do this here:

3) Windows 10 - (link is external)
(link is external)While in Safe Mode, run a full scan of your system using your installed anti-virus program. Using either of the campus licensed anti-virus programs you can do the following:
Double-click on the white and green shield icon in the icon tray bar (notification area) on the lower right portion of your screen and select. When you move your mouse over the icon, it should say "PC Status: Protected."
On the "Home" tab select "Full" and click the "Scan now" button.

4) Download and install an Anti-Spyware program like Spybot - Search and Destroy ( is external)) or Ad-Aware (

5) Hope and pray that it will be fine and not those hidden malware that scan for personal informaiton. Good luck!

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