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What if the Chinese Government started to monitor US telecommunications

By chdchan ·
After Snowden revealed the US is monitoring the world's telecommunication, what if the reverse applies when the Chinese Government started to monitor US telecommunications? Maybe there are already a lot underway by spyware now.

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Also revealed is the national security intercepts sensitive commercial data

by chdchan In reply to What if the Chinese Gover ...

Snowden's documents have also revealed Hitech enterprise like Siemens of Germany has been target of US tele-monitoring, that implying the purpose of monitoring is already beyond national security.

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They are already doing it most likely

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What if the Chinese Gover ...

But as you don't know about it people do not worry.

There is a Old Saying what the Mind doesn't see the heart can't grieve.

Just like before Snowden no one was overly concerned what was going on.


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by rogcoley In reply to They are already doing it ...

Everybody spies on everybody else. When the U.S. was busted, the reactions were all crocodile tears to look good for each country's populace. Really, anyone that looks at the world in a realistic or what some call cynical way, knew this was happening. We don't have these giant government agencies to spy on people in Central Park playing chess.

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by AamiB In reply to What if the Chinese Gover ...

This will lead to another world war because US never want this to be done specially by China. There are few rumors and i guess there is not such reality that CHina is monitoring US telecommunications. Yes, china is doing strict monitoring with in its domain to keep US intelligence away from its land

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by rogcoley In reply to monitoring

This will not lead to another world war. Save the crazy comments for Facebook of FOX News.

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We Chinese have never wanted to be the world's ruler

by chdchan In reply to What if the Chinese Gover ...

We Chinese are more keen on controlling internal affairs than meddling with others, so cross-country telecommunication monitoring is not our practice. As the old saying goes, we sweep only the snow around our own doors.

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by harveywilkins In reply to What if the Chinese Gover ...

That is going to be interesting then ,in Finland where i am working in a IT outsourcing services at i heard that us is doing a lot of monitoring about telecommunication and i think it is because many of telecommunication sales are coming from us country.

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