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what if the Open Source revolution dies

By abhityagi ·
hi all,
i am a passionate proponent of the open source way of software distribution.i've been with the linux distribution since its first kernel release.i am fascinated with the idea of developing your own ideas without any economic pressures and then releasing the developed idea into public domain.i believe only this distribution strategy empowers the individual and has the power to think different and produce new products.These products,as linux has shown, can be an alternate choice to the big bullies of software and creae new markets eventually helping the IT revolution to grow.
but what if this all fades?
what if this revolution is killed?

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relax . . .

by xxx123 In reply to what if the Open Source r ...

I don't see how something can die as long as people are willing to volunteer their time to create software. Conversely, I don't believe there is any chance that "all software will become free" because there aren't THAT many people who don't need tomake a living. Both kinds of products (free and not-free) will continue.

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Be watchful but don't sweat it

by generalist In reply to what if the Open Source r ...

I'd watch various government and quasi-government organizations for possible threats to the open source environment. It would be possible, if you got picky about things, to block some activities essential to open source.

At the same time, at least in the US, there are enough 'freedom to complain' that an obvious attempt at killing open source would be met with cries of 'monopoly' and 'unfair competition.'

Furthermore, IBM has started to embrace open source, which I find encouraging.

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