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What if there was a Windows *nix?

By ___._ ·
Pure spectre, but how would you react if MS was to release a version of Windows based on a *nix kernel / GNU software?

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Linspire pretty close

by Dr Dij In reply to What if there was a Windo ...

windozey looking.
wine actually has equivalent calls to run windoze progs, many run.

I guess Jacqui, et all would still be PO'd, m$ trying to take over *nix.

m$ would probably find a way to screw it up, add stuff so it would still be insecurely configured or unable to become reasonably secure.

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A Windows GUI and a Nix Backend

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What if there was a Windo ...

Would be the best available option for M$ from now on.

Currently M$ has paid SCO a vast amount of money for the rights to Unix so with a bit of luck we'll be seeing a decent Windows in the not to distant future. Now all that has to happen is to prevent the M$ Programmers from stuffing things up by incorporating all the software into the Kernel like they do with the current versions of Windows and removing the Separation between User Accounts.

Personally I would like to see something along these lines provided that M$ didn't totally Stuff It Up! Any Nix goes against everything that Windows stands for it's diametrically apposed to the standards set of Nix and M$ would have to reverse engineer it to suit their ever changing standards. While they would tout it as Trusted Computing most likely they would destroy a perfectly good OS.


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