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What if we're trapped in simulation instead of just living in one?

By TheTruthVenus ·
Hear me out on this, I just read this article: http://www.techrepublic.com/article/simulation-hypothesis-the-smart-persons-guide/#postComments
And I've been doing some research for some time. What if we're trapped in a simulation where our physical bodies are on the outside in a comatose state similar to The Matrix movie franchise. The superintelligent A.I could use a human processor to stimulate the five senses and prevent certain glitches. There has even been computer code found in the cosmos of space by researchers. Certain phenomenones like deja vu. The movies could be used to debunk the idea itself so people won't even consider this idea and maintain the illusion. Plus, the universe is said to look designed.

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That is an interesting theory

If this was the case wouldn't some items though give it away? I'm thinking the need for food and even using the restroom - are the two that come to mind.

- Tam mug

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Response: That is an interesting theory

by TheTruthVenus In reply to That is an interesting th ...

When you have to use the bathroom, the simulation puts you in a situation with a toilet or anywhere else you would do it, your mind handles the rest. As for eating, you're being feed on the other side, they'll only simulate the desire to eat so you wont question why you never have to eat. You'll definitely wonder why if you see other wildlife eating as they are programmed in the simulation and you've never eaten a day of your life. Humans are very curious and if they took that aspect out, we would always wonder why and start searching.

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by Mike_Cartwright In reply to What if we're trapped in ...

It's an interesting premise. What's even more interesting is, the idea that we're in an actual virtual reality realm without us knowing that we're in it.

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