What if you don't trust the pcs in the LAN?

By kandiamo ·
My landlord premits internet access through his phone company wireless/optic cable modem. He and his wife aren't concerned about internet security because they only word process. My laptop gets bombarded with contaminations from their pc because we share the LAN. My question is: can I isolate my laptop on my own subnet and still have internet? I have a switch and a wireless router in storage, and probably a gateway somewhere.

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Basic Security

by TheChas In reply to What if you don't trust t ...

Before you get wild and start on your own network, what have you done to lock down your PC?

Are you running a strong firewall and anti-virus?

For a home system, I recommend either Zone Alarm or Comodo firewall and Avast or AVG anti-virus. You may need to consider the commercial version of either as an option.

While you are at it, consider installing a strong anti-malware program with real time protection.

As far as creating your own sub-set, for it to do as much as you expect, you will need to have a router with a good hardware firewall built in.

As far as configuration, hook up the router to your computer and configure your security, password and sub-net. Then, just plug the LAN cable into the WAN port. You may need to try different modes on the router until you match up with the configuration of the switch feeding your connection.


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