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what if you have real world experience,but no certs

By regwri ·
how do you get around having real world experience,but none of the certs that people love.i have been doing deskside and remote tech support recently for ibm,currently laid off. I have been in the industry since DOS was king.I'm pretty much self taught starting as a computer operator. I have worked with so called network admins who have read the boosk and took the test who did not know what ping was.sad but true. I have taken cisco networking and various windows courses,but never took any of the tests. Feedback?

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It all depends...

by jfuller05 In reply to what if you have real wor ...

on what the employer is looking for. My IT teacher in college was an advocate for certifications and of course, college degrees; when asked if certs are important he tended to believe that was all in what the employer was looking for. I would believe that experience is very important because when I was looking for IT positions, the requirements were mostly "years experience" and college degrees. Then, there were some that wanted certifications along with experience. It's all in what the employer values, which in my opinion, would be the experience.

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by The 'G-Man.' In reply to what if you have real wor ...

there goes another rubber tree plant!

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