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What in the world happened here ??!

By shiny_topadm ·
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I've been away for a great while, but I was active on this site many years ago. When I try to move from screen to screen, or item to item, etc. It moves very slowly. There don't seem to be very many people actively participating... Have all the points of interest moved to the micro-blog hills? Have the corporate [overlords] benefactors restricted the budget to the point of non-survival?
I used to see this place as a location to share IT knowledge, help some younger people out, and stay in touch in the field. Is this no longer valid?


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Welcome back to the new site,

Well, the site had a major update July 16, 2013,and there were some problems, many have been fixed and the ones remaining are being worked on. A number of members may have taken a hiatus, but hopefully will be back. The forums are still there, just waiting on the members to bring activity up to its previous levels. Explore the site, and if you do notice a bug, use the feedback to inform TR the details.

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strange things at TR

by john.a.wills In reply to What in the world happene ...

A month or so ago TR came out with a great new format, which turned out to be a dud. Not only was it slow, it forgot things rapidly and had buttons missing quite often. So a lot of people gave up on the site. The site has improved since then, but there are still glitches like the lack of a response button under thread entries, and a lot of people have not (yet) come back.

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The site is barely functional

by Slayer_ In reply to What in the world happene ...

It's a dice roll if your post even appears.
There are dead links everywhere.

Basically, the site is completely broken, it works like someone made a rough draft and a bunch of "put code here" comments on every site script, and then shipped out that version.

TR should have rolled back the first day, but they didn't and now its been broken for months.
Everyone has given up and changed websites.

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Many years ago?

by seanferd In reply to What in the world happene ...

There have been a lot of fun updates on the site since. Always major. Most recent post-CBS updates gear the site towards the passing fancies of iPhone and Facebook users who might just happen to see something that grabbed their attention momentarily.

There's a core of the old members here, because they have always been here. But if you check the Top 100 members, you'll find users like me (I was surprised) who barely come by any more, and several quite dead individuals who I miss very much.

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by Slayer_ In reply to What in the world happene ...

Sorry, reply doesn't work if your the last post.

The community and the comments is where all the useful information actually was.
The community is gone now.
Just wish we had found a replacement.

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