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What interests you?

By Toni Bowers ·
Is there a specific IT infrastructure topic that you would like to read more about? Help us tailor this site to your needs and list your desires here.

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The things MS leaves out

by zlitocook In reply to What interests you?

I am always on MS web site trying to find bug fixes. I support many networks and most are MS networks, so I use the KB at least once a week. I look for SP problems and fixes, programs that stop working and MS programs that are problmatic. Like Outlook and excel. We pay alot for a Corp. version of Win. and just get the same bug ridden software. I would like to see more ways to fix and keep using the O/S Windows.

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IT Topics of Interest

by rickkellogg In reply to What interests you?

Good Afternoon:

I am new to TechRepublic stumbled onto you today. I am the Interent Manager for several Automobile Dealerships in the Detroit area. Among other things I have 5 Web Sites I manage, as well as some 40PC's that I look after both hardwired to our LAN and 2 DHCP Servers I utilize for wireless Internet for employees, and customers. Oh yeah almost forgot. I also sell about 180 vehicles a year from our web sites.

There are 2 areas of particular interest to me. First with all of the people we have using PC's I spend a great deal of time cleaning their systems of Adware, Trojan's, and Virus that they pick up. Particularly Adware hijacking the browsers. I am always looking for a better mouse trap to keep these at bay. Currently we are using Webroot's Spysweeper. However, recently I have found some new adware that Spysweeper did not catch like toolbar. I do not particularly like either Norton or Mcafee as they seem to take over the machines. We have used AVG now for almost 2 years. So anything to do with reliable non evasive software for eliminating or removing sypware would be of great interest.

The other topic of interest would be Wireless development. I installed a couple of vicomsoft DHCP servers about 6 months ago along with Linksys Access Points. I assigned 16 IP Addresses to each DHCP Server (the limit of the access point). These are used by employees with laptops, technicians, and our customers. I did not give a lot of though to security as we have no State Secrets here. Also I have the 2 DHCP servers set up to shut the harddrive down after 90 minutes of no use. So evenings and weekends while we are closed the wireless network shuts down. Now in hindsight I would probably like to see what other small business are doing with respect to security for Wireless networks.

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IT enabling Buildings

by smsrilanka In reply to What interests you?

I want to get in touch with companies which do IT for buildings. From my research I found that Siemans do this but need to find more resources.
Products are central lighting, air conditioning controlling etc.

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