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what is /24 in the subnet?

By thinknologist ·
Need help. Router port has following details

EO: Mask:

What does /24 stands for?

Best regards

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RE:what is /24 in the subnet?

by tinscore In reply to what is /24 in the subnet ...

I'll make the assumption that you have at least basic knowledge of TCP/IP addressing. First I offer a summary, the /? at the end of a subnet ID is an agreed upon (lazy but) effective method of identifying amount of subnets and their hosts but simplified, it is the amount of ones. ???? NOW what the heck DOES THAT mean???? ok....for each octet there are 8 characters (ones or zeros) per octet (hence octet) if the subnet mask is that would be a /26 because 255 in octal is 11111111 and 192 is 11000000 so in octal the subnet mask would look like 111111111.11111111.11111111.11000000 with the result being four subnets with 64 addresses available in each for a class "C" network. To illustrate, consider a packet with the destination address (as an example) when the above mask is applied, the first two bits in the forth byte are 01. The router concludes that the destination is in the second subnet (which has the address of The target host is 69. Had the mask not been applied, the router could not pick the interface corresponding to the correct subnet from the four subnets. Hope I helped.

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/24 CIDR subnetting

by mrbill- In reply to RE:what is /24 in the sub ...

To expound (SP?) on Tinscore's answer Mask: is the same as the /24 is for Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) an advanced subnetting scheme.

It allows more efficiant use of the Class B and C IP addresses and helps shorten routing tables.

"A great deal of space can be saved in a routing table by using CIDR notation instead of the traditional subnet mask dotted decimal notation. For example, if you replace with /20, space is saved and the exact same information is conveyed. When you multiply this saved space by the number of routes in a routing table, which could be thousands, a tremendous amount of space is saved." From "TCP/IP Jumpstart" Andrew G. Blank Chap 10.

I still do not have a strong handle on subnetting yet myself, but I think I got this right, agreed?

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Simplifying even further.

by LordInfidel In reply to /24 CIDR subnetting

You both are right.. I will just break it down even dumber.

The / after an IP is the amount of "bits" or spaces that is equal to the dotted decimal subnet mask. Also known as CIDR Notation.

Let's say your IP is
And you have a subnet mask of
Which takes up the first 8 bits of the mask.
You can effectively say that you have a /8
It will then be written like this

Now there are 8 bits per octect


If you add them up from left to right you get
8 16 24 32

So when you see
it represents

Now if you see that means that
the 1st 3 octects have been filled plus the 1st bit of the last octect. So your netmask would now look like this: and it goes down the line.

just remember the placement of each bit.

I would reccomend writing it down. I will post a chart below for you.

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Not A Discussion Topic

by JackOfAllTech In reply to what is /24 in the subnet ...

Please post questions in the Q&A area. Thanks.

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