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What is a boot disk ?

By courtjester ·
I am a newbie in computers,I have a pc with a 1.4 gh AMD processor 256 ddr ram 60 gb hdd runing WINME,This computer was assembled by another person in another place.
What I would like to know what is the work of a boot disk boot disk and what is the difference between a emergency boot disk and Windows boot disk and a startup disk and if I should have these disks at hand and if when should I use these disks.
Please bear with me if I've not been clear in explaining, I am really confused.

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by carlos.nino In reply to What is a boot disk ?

A boot Disk (floppy disk) is a disk you can boot your computer from in case you have problems with your installed Operating System, or in other cases where you need to do something without your Operating System being involved.
Emergency boot disk, Windows boot disk, and a startup disk are basically the same thing.
You can also have an emergeny disk for Linux, DOS, etc.
Yes, you should get your self a copy of your operating system's boot disks and keep'em safe.

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by Kc 1 In reply to What is a boot disk ?

also you could have bootable cd or zipdisk same principle used. If you wan't you could even download the info of a typical bootdik of the net at
they have bootdiks for anything you should check it out

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to What is a boot disk ?

for all your technical questions go to:


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by TheChas In reply to What is a boot disk ?

Emergency boot disk:
These are often created by anti-virus or backup utilities to aid in repairing your system should a virus or a drive crash cause problems.
You might need to use this disk should your PC be infected by a virus, or the hard drive crashes.

Boot disk.
This is ANY disk with the 'system' files on it and the flag in the file master boot record set to allow the BIOS to recognize that the disk is bootable.
Your primary hard drive is a bootable volume.
Many CD-ROMs are bootable.
You use this type of disk when you do NOT want to boot into Windows.
Most often for running a BIOS update.

A startup disk is a special boot disk that loads the files required by Windows to configure your hard disk and begin installing Windows.
You typically only use the startup disk when you are installing Windows for the first time, or when you desire to perform a clean installation.

You can create a bootable floppy by right clicking on the floppy drive, select format, and check the box to copy system files / make bootable.

You can create a startup disk by going to add / remove programs, click on the startup disk tab, and follow the instructions.


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by courtjester In reply to

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by courtjester In reply to What is a boot disk ?

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