What is a Cloud Computing?

By cabm7321 ·
What is this new buzz word going around called Cloud Computing. I'm a late bloomer at this technology.

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Think of it like having your applications "online"

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to What is a Cloud Computing ...

You log into your app over the Internet/Intranet and work on it from where ever you are....and access it where ever you are.

Goo question....should be in the discussions!

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by In reply to Think of it like having y ...

Do you remember the old terminal based computing? Bust out your RS232 - here comes cloud computing! Not really...

The concept is similar to terminal based technology with one of the focuses being centrally accessed applications. I say one of the focuses, because truly it is more than that. The idea is that applications are served in a dynamically scalable environment - usually using some form of virtualization that enables services to remain in a "cloud" environment, an environment that is propped up by the underlying hardware and software. As things change, the cloud can expand and reduce without any adverse affect to the user.

At least that is my a Google search, there is a lot of information on it as it is the new thing...

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Good description

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Terminals??

And yeah, I remember the "old" terminal days....monochrome Wyse ones....leave them on & the image got burned onto/into the I don't have to deal with that again.

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Depends on who you talk to

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to What is a Cloud Computing ...

But the orginal concept is that as clients with connection we ask for a service and some out there in the wwww a machine will respond with "I can do that".

So the cloud is www and it doesn't matter where the sevice we need is hosted from. Sort of like a macro version of a set of domain controllers. It doesn't matter which one authorises your logon, just that you can. Take one out, put one in, local, remote yada yada yada
On paper it sounds like a really good idea, and a lot of larger organiations are already a number of small clouds.

What the big thing is though, the one they want to sell to Gartner prompted numpties is.
Host all your data and applications with a third party you can access from anywhere.

That hasn't gone across as well as they hoped even with most of the bad golfers we have in charge. Thankfully....

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A silly answer...

by seanferd In reply to What is a Cloud Computing ...

"What is a Cloud Computing?"
A cloud is usually computing charge and droplet size, and whether it is going to precipitate. This is rather old-style analog computation, though, but without being analogous. It is just being.

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