what is a collection of related information?

By marj132 ·
ms access

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Depends on the circumstances

by TobiF In reply to what is a collection of r ...

Your question is unclear.
What are you trying to do?
Where did you find this expression?
Or are you simply reading an introduction to relational databases?

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Homework question

by santeewelding In reply to Depends on the circumstan ...
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I thought so, too...

by TobiF In reply to Homework question

But this time there was even too little information to be sure that it really was a homework question?

I remember a command line front-end for a time share system I worked on in the 80-ies.

It had a nice script where one could quickly check the value of different variables. Let's say, you write:
It would reply:
DATE is 1984-07-16

In the script, I found a couple of special situations.

WHATIS ANSWER would immediately reply:
"The answer is fourty-two!!!"
If you'd write WHATIS QUESTION it would go into a procrastination:
...That's tricky, let me think... (wait 5 minutes - or until user hits enter)
...Need some more time... (wait 10 minutes)
...Hmmm. I'll soon find it... (wait 3000 minutes)
No, I can't think if you keep interrupting me all the time!


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Do I see

by santeewelding In reply to I thought so, too...

A latency in you of asking questions guaranteed to gum up the works?

I like that kind of question.

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At least...

by TobiF In reply to Do I see

to gum up homeworks. :)
We must have a lot of interesting discussions on TR, since we've become the go-to address for people, too lazy to look further the "I'm feeling lucky"-button in google.

They could take it one step further, like the Russian search engine yandex. On the "meditative" search form at there is no text field. You'll just get the results of a random search somebody else has performed lately!

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to what is a collection of r ...

A family tree is one...
Breeding statitistics of the less spotted grebe.
A telephone directory.

I'd rethink your cover if I was you, you are going to get found out quick as a DBA

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Now I know!

by TobiF In reply to Hmm

I was thinking: "Related to what?"

But then I realized. We're looking for a collection of information related to ms Access.

MS office help pages is one collection.
Chapter 1.0.1 in the questioner's textbook is another.

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a textbook...?

by jfuller05 In reply to what is a collection of r ...

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