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What is a DBA

By siphoakasiwa ·
I'm working for a goverment institution for about a year, using MS Access to create minature systems. I would like to get an explanation on what a DBA actually does,whether on a day to day basis etc...

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What is a DBA

by j.lupo In reply to What is a DBA

A DBA is a database administrator. They take care of the DB. Optimize performance, maintain the architecture, etc.

Here is a more formal definition that I came across:
A database administrator (DBA) directs or performs all activities related to maintaining a successful database environment. Responsibilities include designing, implementing, and maintaining the database system; establishing policies and procedures pertaining to the management, security, maintenance, and use of the database management system; and training employees in database management and use. A DBA is expected to stay abreast of emerging technologies and new design approaches. Typically, a DBA has either a degree in Computer Science and some on-the-job training with a particular database product or more extensive experience with a range of database products. A DBA is usually expected to have experience with one or more of the major database management products, such as Structured Query Language, SAP, and Oracle-based database management software.

Some of the duties include:
* Recoverability - Creating and testing Backups
* Integrity - Verifying or helping to verify data integrity
* Security - Defining and/or implementing access controls to the data
* Availability - Ensuring maximum uptime
* Performance - Ensuring maximum performance given budgetary constraints
* Development and testing support - Helping programmers and engineers to efficiently utilize the database.

Hope this helps.

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Thanx a lot

by siphoakasiwa In reply to What is a DBA

That cleared up a lot of questions, but from what I've seen in IT ingeneral there a lot of ambigious titles for a lot of things. Why can't a Database designer/programmer just also be a Database Administrator?

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In my experience

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to What is a DBA

There are sort of two sometimes interchangeable roles for a dba
One is Operations/Support, where things like backups, performance tuning, fault diagnosis and fixing are the main responsibilities
The other is a more development oriented role, where its database design and architecture that are the key responsibilities
Skills wise there's a strong match, experience wise you can get some that are much better at one side than the other.
If access is your tool of choice you will have a number of things to learn as a lot of teh more relavnt concepts are not applicable to desktop databases. SQL of course will stand you uin good stead where ever you do and you will have run into basic design and performance issues.

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by darkside In reply to In my experience

Invariably i found there are usually three kind of people who work in the "DBA" arena.
There are developers who write applications that use a database to store data, their experience does not seem to go much further then where to store it more than the way access does.
There are tru DBA's who will look after Database servers, keep them running tune performance and scream like **** at the people above.
Then there are "DD"'s Database designers who are usually the authority for database structure and design for particualr database systems (i.e SQL Server or Oracle), who try to keep on top of everything, keep madly upto date and mentor DBA's in troubling times and also curse the first set of people.

Most Database people Start with access and it is a very good place to start to learn about database use and management, just make sure that when you progress up to a more structured relational database environment that there is more to a database than just dumping in data and getting it out again, get out there and learn and play.

P.S Yes I do actually know some of the first set of people who do know what there about, unfortunatly you will encounter more of the worst but that can be said for most.

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Oh yes I know number 3

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to

but as you say they are so called DBAs. In fact in my opinion they are so called Client/Server Developers as well. I've done a couple of stints as DBA both in architecture and support. I've also worked with in place 'proper' DBAs. Access Developer is job description I have no problem with, Access DBA is an oxymoron though, sort of like Expert Beginner.
I'm really more of a DD myself and tend to curse DBA's as they are not big on anybody else changing anything.

A good DBA is worth their weight in gold, a DD will be soley focused in getting their development off the ground whereas a good DBA concentrates on keeping it up in the air along with all the other flying objects they are administrating.
Network admins and application designers tend to have the same sort of interface as well.

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by Why Me Worry? In reply to What is a DBA

I could be wrong though

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