What is a good book for an IT (Network & PC tech) beginner to start with?

By sherrykarr ·
There are a lot of books on the market and websites devoted to getting into IT. I am NOT an IT professional, but work in a very small office that does not have a full time Network Admin or PC Tech - we do have an IT vendor we work with on big issues, but it has become my responsibility to be able to handle lower level issues.

We are running MS Small Business Server, all our computers (some desktop, some laptops) run Windows XP, and we work with a variety of software: Quickbooks, Peachtree, MS Office and have a T1 line.

I need to learn how to do some basic network admin stuff and some trouble shooting things. I know very little and have done research, but I was wondering if you could point me in a direction where there is a book or website that is SPECIFICALLY geared toward a beginner? I have recruited candidates for IT positions and have some good understanding of IT - but of course that isn't the same as having experience!

Thanks for your help!

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This is very easy to understand and covers a lot of areas

by Jacky Howe In reply to What is a good book for a ...
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by sherrykarr In reply to This is very easy to unde ...

Any other suggestions?

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My Favorite

by willcomp In reply to What is a good book for a ...

Prior to high speed internet access and the copious amount of information now available, this book was invaluable for PC techs. It is still an excellent training tool and reference.

Note that this is the 18th edition.

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When I begin to learn about a subject

by OnTheRopes In reply to What is a good book for a ...

I like the Dummies or Complete Idiot series of books. I have a few dozen of them. Go figure. Also, you ever notice how folks seem to forget about public and school libraries? It's hard to beat free.

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by sherrykarr In reply to When I begin to learn abo ...

Thanks everyone for the responses! This has given me a lot of good information.

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If you know nothing about Small Business Server

by CG IT In reply to What is a good book for a ...

a word of caution. Small Business Server is run by wizards. for certain componets of the server, such as Exchange and Sharepoint Services, if you don't use the wizard, you will break whatever it is you were trying to configure.

If you don't use the management console to create user and computer accounts, they will not be placed in the correct organizational unit and when you apply group policies, they will not work right.

these are just a few of the gotchas.... get the book.....

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