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What is a good programming cert?

By sda ·
What would be a good programming certificate to get? I have my CCNA and MCSE cert and I want to get a programming cert. I was thinking Oracle but there is SAP, XML,ASP,and others.I'm not sure what would be a good programming cert to get does anyoneknow what would be a good cert?

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Moving target

by generalist In reply to What is a good programmin ...

Today's technological hot spot is tomorrow's legacy code, if you're lucky.

If you're not lucky, that hot spot may either disappear completely or become a highly specialized niche where all the experts know each other and trade jobs through the grapevine.

If you really want to go the programming route, try as many certs as you can manage in related areas. A lot of programming languages are related to each other so you may find that knowing about one language gives you a head start on two or three others.

Of course, getting the requisite levels of experience in a multitude of languages may be difficult. You might have to come up with a series of specs and write multiple programs using each language to get the level of expertise you need.

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Many choices

by Oz_Media In reply to What is a good programmin ...

There are two ways to look at certs in my mind:
1) Money
2) Guaranteed JOB

The first has always been my aim. I learned the HTML, DHTML stuff and thought I was unique (it was some time ago)but then everyone else did too.

I was interested in ASP and creating custom services for specific industries but I found out that was the latest bandwagon to jump on.

I found Python and then met a few successful engineers who made almost a quarter mill. a year writing PKI encryption for a few banksand security firms. It was almost the same as C++ but easier to write, MUCH more secure and less time consuming thanks to easily called modules which creates the higher income (less hours with more production). "Instant Hacking" by Magnus Lie Hetland is a great beginners Python tutorial.

Guido Van Rossum (Python creator) has also written an excellent tutorial that can be found at the same site under Documentation.

The second type of cert in my mind is one that is very common, everybody has one, more work available because everyone uses it but more people competing for it so the pay is lower and the jobs a dime a dozen.

I walk away from what others do and look for the niches in life, why not Python and make more $$.

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Programming Certification

by timwalsh In reply to What is a good programmin ...

There is no one good answer to this question. There is no "generic" programming certification. Therefore, any certification you look at will be vendor-specific.

The worth of a given certification is determined by where you are looking for a job (or where you are already looking. An Oracle (or Microsoft or any other vendor) certification will be worth nothing if that vendor's products are not being used where you work (or look for work). Also, once you settle for a given vendor, thee are usually several certification paths to follow.

All I can suggest is, if you currently have a job, look at what development products are being used in your organization and maybe talk to the developers to see what skills they are looking for. If you are looking for work, see what skills are in hot demand.

And remember, a certification will not guarentee work. You need the experience to back it up.

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I'm no programmer, but...

by ghstinshll In reply to What is a good programmin ...

Many MCSD's I've worked along side of over the years have had a lot of success in the VB/SQL arena.

I'm currently teaching CCNA content in a small program, and the SCJP instructors seem to be pretty happy with the language and the market they'rein, too.

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