What is a good software for indexing web usage?

By bin00010111 ·
Okay, I have been trying to easily index and report on the websites vistied by users on my network. I have tried untangle, which is AWESOME, BUT, doesnt play well with my network since I have mulitple subnets. Or my voip phones (because of the subnet issue)

I have thought about squid, but it's a caching/proxy. Do not want to redirect everything. Or have a server inline (Untangle)

I would just really like to port mirror evertything to an ip and the machine at that ip grab the data and report on it. Tried wireshark, but it doesnt report that way I want.

Untangle has the best reporting, just sucks it wont work well with my net and wants to be inline, i.e; Router-->Untangle-->Switch

I have tried PRTG and it doesnt report good at all.
I have splunk but it cant take in data on specfic interface, i.e, port mirror to the splunk server.
Any ideas? Thanks for the help.
PS. Trying to use open Source here.

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What firewall?

by JPElectron In reply to What is a good software f ...

Might help if you tell us what firewall you have - if it's Cisco PIX or ASA, or one supported by "Manage Engine Firewall Log Analyser" that's what I might suggest.

You can also get an idea of sites visited by logging on your DNS server, the most frequent lookups are likely the most visited sites. "DNS Redirector" can also do this logging for you, and includes the IP of the client that made the request, then use "Microsoft Log Parser" or similar to narrow down the data.

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